Why does my house smell bad after spray foam installation? Botched spray foam job and corrections

A bad spray foam job can really stink. Installing spray polyurethane foam insulation, even in an already occupied home, usually just results in greater comfort, increased energy-savings, and more homeowner happiness. But a botched spray foam install can be a whole different kettle of fish. In fact, it might even smell like a kettle of rotten ones.

There are way too many homeowner horror stories out there about horrible lingering smells resulting from spray foaming their homes. And in nearly every case, the botched spray foam installation can be attributed to one of these reasons:

  • The contractor used a low-quality or defective product.
  • The contractor installed the wrong product for the area.
  • The contractor didn’t mix the chemicals correctly.
  • The contractor didn’t heat chemicals to the correct temperature.
  • The contractor sprayed the product too thickly.
  • The contractor failed to ensure that the home had proper ventilation.

See a pattern here? So unless you love the idea of wasting your money on a job that nets you nothing more than a putrid, fishy-smelling home and a lot of headaches, be sure that the contractor you hire is a fully certified expert who will do the installation right!

Sunlight Contractors owner Corey Yates has achieved the highest certification level offered by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). A certified Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Project Manager, Corey has demonstrated extensive knowledge in all aspects of spray foam installation, as well as knowledge and skills in building science/design, material selection/estimating, and codes and standards compliance.

Corey and his team at Sunlight Contractors are dedicated not only to making customers’ homes energy efficient but keeping their customers comfortable and safe as well. That’s why they perform a blower door test  on every job. It’s why, if necessary, they will delay installation until you call your HVAC contractor and get mechanical ventilation installed. It’s why they evaluate your home and provide you with a written report of how your home’s air quality stands up to ASHRAE standards.

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When the professionals at Sunlight Contractors install spray polyurethane foam in your home,  you can rest assured that they’ll do the job right the first time. And there’s nothing fishy about that.

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