Does your house pass ASHRAE ventilation standards?

How important is proper home ventilation for your health?

Having a properly ventilated home is literally a breath of fresh air. Especially when you consider that air quality inside homes is often worse than outside. In fact, EPA studies reveal that human exposure to indoor pollutant levels can be 2, 5 – even 100 – times higher than their exposure to outdoor levels.

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That news sounds even worse when you think about how much time people spend holed up inside their homes, often refusing even to crack a window due to concerns about energy costs, draftiness, safety issues, noise, and/or outdoor pollution. Combine all that with today’s “tighter” more energy-efficient  homes, and it’s not hard to see how more and more contaminants get trapped inside, exposing residents to increased health risks.

What does ASHRAE say about proper ventilation?

That’s why ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) guidelines specify that residences have at least 0.35 air changes per hour. This means that your home should have completely new, fresh outside air being circulated throughout approximately every three hours. Homes that comply with ASHRAE ventilation standards will generally have improved air quality, resulting in fewer health problems for residents.

How Sunlight Contractors helps homeowners meet ASHRAE ventilation standards

Sunlight Contractors is committed to improving your comfort and energy savings, but we also care about the air quality in our customer’s homes. That’s why we perform blower door tests before and after installing spray foam insulation. This test allows them to calculate how “air leaky” a home is and where it most needs insulation or sealing to improve energy-efficiency and minimize issues with moisture or drafts.


Blower door test results also indicate whether the home meets ASRAE’s ventilation requirements. Sunlight advises residents whose homes are too “tight” to contact their HVAC contractor and/or to install mechanical ventilation. If a home is not too tight, Sunlight proceeds with the installation, but still performs a subsequent test to check where the home has achieved the most effective degree of airtightness.

To learn more about how blower door tests work and to discover their many benefits, click here. Meanwhile, rest assured, knowing that when you hire Sunlight Contractors to insulate your home with spray polyurethane foam, they not only deliver top-notch service to improve your comfort and energy-savings, but they even go the extra mile to ensure that you have all the facts about your home’s air quality.


The highly trained, certified professionals at Sunlight Contractors know just what to do to protect your home against uncomfortable and costly airflow leaks, and to keep you informed about your indoor air quality!

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