Pitfalls of spray foam insulation gone wrong

Spray foam insulation is often called a miracle product. But if you allow an improperly trained/uncertified/incompetent/just-plain-lazy contractor to do your installation, you may end up needing a whole other kind of miracle!  Spray foam insulation gone wrong can be a costly mistake, not only financially but a health hazard also. 

The spray foam product itself is only part of the story. Installers should have precise knowledge of how to mix chemicals properly. They should understand how to factor in temperatures, humidity levels and a number of other external conditions that can impact the installation. They should have expertise in, and commitment to, meticulous application techniques. Below are some of the problems that commonly result from improper installation of spray foam insulation:

  • Incorrectly mixed chemicals result in foam pulling away from the surface.
  • Incorrecting mixed chemicals result in lingering odors and health problems for occupants.
  • Overspraying and/or inadequate ventilation result in lingering odors and health problems for the occupants.
  • Inconsistently applied spray foam results in gaps that reduce product efficiency.
  • Application of the wrong type of spray foam for a particular area results in inefficiency and/or problems with moisture and pests (including termites).
  • Failure to install a vapor barrier over the spray foam (in a cold climate) results in roof rot.

Homeowner James Polk, concerned about reports of awful lingering smells and toxic gas from bad installs, spared himself and his family the potential agony by choosing Sunlight Contractors to insulate his home. Homeowner Craig Leydecker, who knows all too well the horrors of spray foam insulation gone wrong from a poor spray foam insulation job by an inexperienced installer, found Sunlight Contractors to “work the miracle” of correcting the awful mistake made by his previous contractor.

Sunlight Contractors owner Corey Yates is a Master Installer Spray Foam Installer who successfully completed written examinations and rigorous field testing by the Spray Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA), to earn this most prestigious certification in the industry.

Corey, whose training includes coursework on health and safety, is committed not only to making his customers’ homes more comfortable and energy efficient, but keeping the occupants safe as well. He does a blower door test  on every job Sunlight Contractors performs, and if necessary, he will hold off on installation until you call your HVAC contractor and get mechanical ventilation installed. Sunlight Contractors will also assess your home and provide you with a written report of how your home’s air quality stands up to ASHRAE standards.

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The certified professionals at Sunlight Contractors will not only help you reap the benefits of the miracle product, but they’ll also show you a level of knowledge, expertise and customer care that are nothing short of miraculous!

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