Spray Foam Insulation in New Construction – Sunlight Contractors Spray Foam Attic Insulation and Wall Insulation

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Spray Foam Insulation Applied to New Construction by Sunlight Contractors of New Orleans

Blown In Cellulose for Wall Insulation

  • We applied mist applied stabilized cellulose for the wall insulation
  • Sunlight Contractors is the most reviewed provider of blown in cellulose in the state of Louisiana
  • Blown in cellulose can apply to both commercial and residential projects

We used a combination of mist applied stabilized cellulose on the walls and open cell spray foam for the attic insulation

  • Maintain a clean working environment
  • We make sure that we fill every space and gap to maximize your home’s energy savings
  • Our Spray Foam is Greengard approved – meaning it’s safe for your family, improves air quality and is eco-friendly

The spray foam insulation process – clean and efficient to make your home more energy efficient, reduces mold and air pollutants and to improve air quality

  • We wrap and protect any part of your home to prevent overspray and to keep the work area clean
  • Our professional staff is efficient and clean as to offer you the best experience with our spray foam insulation process
  • The project featured 5.5 inches of open cell spray foam, carefully applied to the attic and ceiling

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