How ponding damages industrial roofing and what to do about it

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Moisture-damage comes in many forms for owners of commercial and industrial properties in southern Louisiana. Between the region’s year-round humidity, frequent torrential downpours, and constant struggle with flooding, safeguarding real valuable real estate assets can seem like a never-ending battle against the elements. Ponding, in particular, can lead to extensive damage to your property’s structural integrity, and it can be nearly impossible to overcome without the help of a professional roofing contractor.

What causes ponding on roofs?

Most flat roof systems are designed with a slight incline to encourage the flow of water towards a drainage system. When drains become clogged, the water that normally flows off the roof puddles on it instead. If the water is allowed to sit for any length of time, it will distort the pitch of the roof, creating a depression where more water will accumulate during the next storm. More water leads to more weight and more bending, increasing the depression even more. The cycle continues with each storm, rapidly deteriorating the roofing substrate. Over time, the size and weight of the ponding will lead to structural collapse.

How does ponding damage industrial roofing?

As water accumulates on a flat roof, it deteriorates most traditional roofing materials. Adhesives in single-ply roof systems lose their grip. Steel equipment supports are corroded. Oil solvent components of roofing asphalts are leached out into the water, leaving the remaining membrane brittle, cracked, and leaking as the pond grows.

How does GacoFlex protect pre-existing roofing substrate from ponding?

At Sunlight Contractors, we recommend the cutting-edge roofing products developed by Gaco, and GacoFlex offers unparalleled protection for flat roofs with permanent ponding water. GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems can be applied over any roofing substrate, from metal to built-up roofing to weathered single ply membranes. The silicone forms a monolithic barrier capable of withstanding even permanent ponding water without softening. In addition to protecting your commercial roofing system Gaco’s silicone coating also resists other moisture-related issues like mold, mildew, and staining.

Is there a way to prevent ponding?

Glad you asked! While GacoFlex can withstand ponding, GacoRoofFoam can actually be used to prevent the problems associated with ponding altogether. When applied at varied thicknesses, the spray-in-place foam creates a positive slope that eliminates ponding by redirecting water for improved drainage on flat roofs. The foam also provides a layer of high R-value insulation to rooftops, reducing energy consumption and keeping assets housed in buildings at constant temperatures, even when the Louisiana summer is scorching everything else in sight.

Are your properties experiencing ponding and other moisture-related problems? Do you want to extend the life of your commercial real estate? Get in touch with the industrial roofing contractors who have years of experience and training in the application of high R-value, moisture-resistant silicone roofing systems. We can restore virtually any roof without an expensive tear-off. Schedule your assessment today to get started.

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