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Spray foam insulation offers this contractor’s clients immediate advantages

Contractor Steve Evans builds beautiful, high ticket custom homes in southern Louisiana, so he knows a thing or two about new constructions, renovations, and home improvement. For the past three years, he’s partnered with Sunlight Contractors when his customers wanted to invest in spray foam insulation to encapsulate the walls, crawl spaces, and attics of their new homes.

In attics and exterior walls, open cell spray foam expands to fill cracks, crevices, and voids, sealing in conditioned air and preventing external air and thermal radiation from penetrating the home. Open cell spray foam offers homeowners a high R-value, keeping temperatures comfortable and consistent throughout the year.

Since the wall cavities are exposed during the construction phase, it’s much simpler and more cost-effective to apply spray foam. When homeowners move into their new construction, they never have to think about insulation again, and they’ll never experience the plight of exorbitant summer cooling bills.

For crawl spaces, closed cell spray foam insulation is ideal. The cutting-edge insulation technology creates a monolithic vapor barrier that protects a new home’s foundation assembly from future moisture penetration and all of the problem created by moisture, including termites, mold, and rot. Closed cell spray foam offers the highest R-value on the market, so Steve’s customers start their new adventure as homeowners with maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

“I just see the advantage of doing the foam insulation,” Evans says. “It incorporates insulation and sealing throughout the whole house. You can use the attic a lot more because it’s not so hot in there, and there are significant cost savings on electric bills.”

Why this contractor hires Sunlight Contractors

Evans is committed to making the homes he builds more comfortable, more cost-efficient, and more robust for customers, which makes spray foam insulation an obvious addition to new constructions. Because spray foam insulation can be temperamental, it takes a professional to ensure proper insulation.

Evans has worked with other contractors, but invariably, they made mistakes and missteps throughout the process that they had to come back and correct. These mistakes can potentially slow down the progress of a construction project, and any delay has the potential to create unanticipated expenses.

“I’ve worked with other contractors in the past,” says Evans. “They had to keep coming back over and over to get it right. Sunlight Contractors is very professional. They get it done in a day or two, and it’s always right. That saves me time, and the price is fair.”

Corey Yates, the owner of Sunlight Contractors, is the single most licensed residential insulation installer in Louisiana. He holds seven different license classifications from the Louisiana State Licensing Board For Contractors (LSLBC), and he’s a Master Spray Foamer certified by the SPFA. Corey is involved hands on with every job that Sunlight does to ensure that customers like Steve Evans get the highest quality work every time. That’s why Sunlight Contractors is the choice of homeowners and home builders.

Evans used Sunlight for his own new home, too!

Evans was so satisfied with the work Sunlight did on his customers’ homes that he hired us to encapsulate his new construction home, too.

“I think it’s been great,” he says. “Our electric bills stay low, and we use our attic a lot, so it makes it convenient to be able to go up there when it’s only a couple degrees warmer than in the house.”

If you’re a contractor who needs support on your new construction projects or a homeowner looking to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home, get in touch with the professionals at Sunlight Contractors. We’re the contractors that the contractors hire!

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