Spray Foam Attic Insulation and Wall Insulation for a Pearl River, Louisiana Homeowner by Sunlight Contractors of Slidell

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Brad R. – A Pearl River Homeowner
Sunlight Contractors of Slidell installed spray foam in the roof of the Louisiana home. Attic insulation can reduce energy costs and make your home stay cooler, longer in the hot summer months.
Brad’s Review: We chose sunlight because they presented the most professional and experienced portfolio that we could find. They came out and did a site survey and took all the time needed to explain the process and answer any questions we had. The owner kept in constant contact and quickly replied to any questions asked. They arrived with a crew of five and did a great job to cover any items with plastic that needed to be protected. They also taped off all outlets so that they would remain clean and accessible. I met a lady in Lowe’s one day that used another company and she said that a lot of fixtures and switches were covered up and hard to find. Not with Sunlight! The finished product by Sunlight was exceptionally neat and well done. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Spray Foam Insulation keeps your Home Cooler during the Summer Months

Proper insulation also helps to maintain consistent temperatures indoors. During the summer, outside hot air seeps into your attic, heating your ceilings and the air inside your home,  working your air condition.  Attic insulation, open cell spray foam reduces reduces the temperature in your attic and thus the heat flow penetrating your interior home air.   By reducing your home’s attic temperature and the passage of heat into your home, which will reduce the energy or air conditioning required to dissipate heat. In southern Louisiana, a ceiling insulation with an R-value of 26 is considered sufficient to reduce heat flow.

Open cell spray foam insulation, which is typically applied to roof decks and wall interiors, provides roughly R-3.7 per inch of insulation. Closed cell spray foam insulation, which is applied to sub-flooring, registers at R-6.2, one of the highest R-values available.

Sunlight Contractors of Slidell, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Kenner are the highest rated spray foam and home insulation company in Louisiana and the Gulf South. For your next spray foam project, commercial or residential, choose Sunlight Contractors.


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