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Start by identifying your needs

You might be tempted to start your renovation by Pinning all of the pretty fixtures that will give your home that House Beautiful feel. However, the best place to start with a home renovation is by understanding what your home needs from you. Before you invest in a high-powered HVAC unit to keep your family cooler this summer, find out if your house needs better air sealing and insulation. Before you pick out your favorite porcelain tile pattern for your bathroom, make sure your subflooring is structurally sound and free from moisture damage.

At Sunlight Contractors, we begin each new project with an energy assessment and inspection to make sure that your house has what it needs to support all those extra wants. We crawl around under houses to make sure moisture hasn’t crept into subflooring and invited termites and mold to get comfortable, a common problem in southern Louisiana. We use an air blower test to find spots that are letting out conditioned air and letting in steamy summer humidity. This equips homeowners with an actionable list of items that will improve the longevity and long-term value of the home.

Starting your renovation from a place of knowledge and data ensures that work only has to be done once. Starting by addressing your home’s renovation needs gives you a robust foundation for all those fanciful details that will make your home as beautiful as it is functional and efficient.

Then, consider your wants

Once you’ve got a clear picture of what your home needs, you can take time to identify all the little perks that will make it feel cozier, cuter, and more comfortable. Go ahead and make a list of all the renovations you’d like to undertake, even if it’s a “perfect world” list. Having a clear visual of what your finished home will look like will keep you motivated, and it’ll help you know when you’ve accomplished your goal.

Will you be able to achieve all of your desired renovations in one go? Probably not. But a checklist will allow you to tackle one renovation at a time until you’ve finally got the house of your dreams.

Make your budget

You may be wondering why we saved the budget for last. Isn’t that the most important part of the job? Certainly, you can’t start spending money with no limitations or restrictions. However, if you start with a budget, you’re more likely to skimp during the thinking process.

During the early phases, you’re determining the ideal state of your home. It’s better to have a complete list, unhampered by the limits of finance. You may not be able to afford every action item to begin with, but you can prioritize them and tackle them all over time.

Having an exhaustive list before you create a budget also allows you to begin considering which which products must be brand name and which can be salvaged to reduce costs. You can also identify which jobs you can handle on your own and which will require help.

Choose an experienced, licensed contractor

Once you know what renovations you need and want and you have a budget in mind, you may discover that you need a contractor to help you achieve your dream home goals. Choosing a competent, experienced, licensed general contractor is the biggest factor in completing renovations on time and on budget.

At Sunlight Contractors, our team consists of builders with decades of experience in a wide range of construction and renovation areas. We’ve helped hundreds of southern Louisiana home and business owners with moisture, mold, and termite remediation as well as insulation and air sealing. We’ve improved the energy efficiency of homes as well as their structural integrity with the application of innovative products like spray polyurethane foam, and we’ve made homes more beautiful with the skilled craftsmanship of our contractors.

If you’re ready to begin building the home of your dreams – or transforming your current home so that it matches your vision, get in touch with Sunlight Contractors today.

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The entire experience was seamless. Ira truly knows all there is to know about the insulation industry. I would use his team a million times, I was that pleased with their professionalism and high quality work. I rarely leave reviews and this company is worth 5 stars. I would highly recommend Sunlight Contractors and plan to use them again for spray foam subflooring. Sunlight Contractors spray foam insulation the attic of my 1942 house that was renovated in 2017. The heat and cold were impossible to bear after my house purchase in May 2017. The contractor, before purchase, cut major corners that I find one by one. The insulation in the house happened to be one of those major corners that were cut. Before the spray foam insulation, I could only keep my house 5-10 degrees different than whatever the outside temperature was. The day of my spray foam insulation installation, I noticed an immediate difference when I opened my front door. My house has officially turned into a home thanks COMPLETELY to Ira and Sunlight Contractors. The customer service was excellent and the job turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. My energy bill in the first month of use has declined from $550 to $189. My HVAC is no longer running constantly and the home temperature stays stabilized all day and night even with the HVAC turned completely off.

Chelsea A.

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