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improve indoor air quality with spray foam and

Studies have shown up to 40% of your indoor air flow comes from your crawl space. It is a large portion of the air you breathe inside your home. This damp and musty air generally has a temperature ripe for molds and mildews and releases toxins that can be harmful for your family’s health.  Prevention of moisture and molds from thriving inside your home require containment of moisture in order to keep these unhealthy air particles from migrating into your house. Sealing crawl spaces, nooks, cracks and crevices with the proper insulation will protect your home from airborne allergens, pollution and molds making its indoor quality better.

Spray foam insulation from Sunlight Contractors, seals your crawl space and prevents mold growth, which increases your indoor air quality.  It keeps crawl spaces dry by sealing out moisture. When there is no moisture, mold will not form as they need moisture in order to survive. In addition, the components of spray foam insulation will not become a source of food for molds so it’s very unlikely that they can thrive in a sealed environment; that’s what spray foam insulation accomplishes.

Your home’s exterior protects your home’s interior from outdoor environmental elements. Air can escape through cracks and gaps making your house feel uncomfortable and your energy bills expensive. Most residential homes have large amounts of air leakage through the windows, doors, and walls, as well as through attics and crawl spaces.

All of us want to be comfortable in our own homes.  However, it takes diligence on the part of the homeowner to ensure our home is not losing our precious indoor temperatures to the outside world.  The comfort and safety of our home is sacrificed in addition to higher electric bills. In order to secure the indoor temperatures that are comfortable and maintain good air quality, experts suggest that you check the quality of your insulation.

Spray foam insulation gets a high rating from the government energy saver plus it is the number one choice of homeowners today as it provides long lasting insulation ratings and can successfully maintain good air quality inside residential spaces.

What Else Can Spray Foam Insulation From Sunlight Contractors Do For My Home’s Air Quality?

Spray foam insulation also provides a thermal envelope for homes. It is an excellent sealing agent that not only bars air from coming in and out but also bars dust, pollens and harmful household mold and mildew from coming into your home.  The results for you and your family is a cleaner indoor environment, free from harmful emissions that can cause allergies and diseases. Spray foam insulation can provide protection by providing cleaner air quality in your home. It creates an airtight barrier that reduces moisture infiltration, mold and mildew growth, pollutants and indoor allergens.

Unlike conventional insulation, spray foam insulation can be applied to exterior foundation walls, and under slabs. This provides thermal protection as well as a moisture barrier to your building without taking up usable space.  An added benefit, is the reduction in heating and cooling bills that come with an inadequately insulated home. 

Most homeowners notice an immediate difference in indoor temperatures after installing spray foam insulation from Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana.  A comment we often hear is, why didn’t we do this sooner. The difference is drastic. 

If you have any questions about spray foam insulation, please contact Sunlight Contractors Serving all of Southeastern Louisiana including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Slidell & Kenner at (504) 919 – 9993.   We have the highest rating for spray foam insulation and are certified spray foam insulation installers. It is important to check the qualifications of the spray foam installer to ensure that your spray foam is installed safely. 

 We will be glad to answer any questions to make your decision making process easier.  

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