Preventing climate change requires human change: think solar

By September 29, 2014November 11th, 2015Solar power
People's Climate March

Image via South Bend Voice

This past weekend, a record number of Americans united in New York City in what was the largest demonstration of climate activism in history. Thousands participated in the People’s Climate March in the United States, and more marched in cities abroad to protest the damage caused by the widespread use of fossil fuels.

There’s plenty for world citizens to be concerned about. In 2013, global carbon emissions broke records, increasing by 2.9 percent after several years of decline, and global concentrations of atmospheric CO2 were 43% higher than they were in 1750 at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, according to a report recently published in Nature Geoscience.

While it seems that the worst case scenario for global warming looms ahead, there are changes that we can make to reduce the damage caused by fossil fuels.

The most obvious change requires that we re-think how we power our pursuits.

Around the world, countries are adopting solar power as their chief source of energy. Germany generated more than half of its energy using solar power this summer, and Great Britain and other European countries are also breaking solar records. India, a country as blessed with sunlight as our own Louisiana, has entire villages running on solar power grids, and Punjab is planning to host the world’s largest rooftop solar grid.

In the United States, the average price of solar PV panels has decreased dramatically, dropping by more than 60% since 2010, and more Americans are opting to rely on their own solar grids than ever. According to research by the Solar Energy Industries Association, 2013 saw a 421% increase in new photovoltaic systems installed over the previous year.

And why not?

Solar power is free power. It’s secure power. It’s eco-friendly power.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can transition from traditional power to the renewable power of sunlight, contact our experts today! We’ll help you get started on an efficient, environmental, and affordable energy plan using solar power.


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