While the hot weather trend may seem hopelessly irreversible, there are steps we can take to combat these rising temperatures. Making older American homes more energy efficient, with spray foam insulation from Sunlight Contractors, can drastically reduce your home’s energy cost and the efficiency of your HVAC system – making your home more comfortable during the summer.

Right now, there are many areas of the country that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more on electricity than they should. Why? Inefficiency. Is there any way to reduce the waste? At Sunlight Contractors, we believe there’s a solution for every problem.

Today, we’d like to offer a few quick tips to help you reduce your energy loss this summer. Not only will the heat be less daunting, you’ll be moving in the right direction towards solutions for the national seasonal heating trend.

1. Find and seal air leaks. Sunlight Contractors offers free home energy audits that’ll help you identify where your home is losing air and energy.

2. Insulate your attic. You can reduce your home’s energy waste by 30% or more just by having your attic properly insulated.

3. Invest in an energy efficient heating and cooling system. Though less efficient models may seem more affordable, in the end, you wind up pouring most of your costly warm and cool air directly outside.

If you’re interested in a private consultation with one of our RESNET-certified Home Energy Raters, give us a call today! We take pride in being a part of the solution to these long, hot Louisiana summers.

If you have any more questions regarding spray foam insulation for your residence in Southeastern Louisiana contact us.