Alex G. Slidell installed Open Cell Spray Foam in his attic by Sunlight Contractors, Spray Foam Contractors of Slidell

Open Cell Spray Foam Attic Insulation Slidell

Read Alex’s Review Attic Open Cell Spray Foam by Sunlight Contractors Slidell

Alex’s Review: I was Referred to Sunlight Contractors by another satisfied customer in Slidell. They installed spray foam to our 2600 sq. ft. of open cell spray foam in my attic, and they spray foamed 1400 sq. ft. in my walls on a new renovation project.. I am so happy he stated that the house is so quiet that he can hear a pin drop

If you have an improperly insulated or uninsulated attic, you have air leaks. Hot summer outside air can leak in and raise your AC costs. How do you keep your historic home cool during the hot summer months?

Giving your attic proper insulation with open cell spray foam is one of the simplest ways to keep you — and your pocketbook — comfortable this Summer. The U. S. Department of Energy (USDOE) estimates that a properly insulated attic can save you between 10 to 50 percent on your energy bill.

Leaks in your attic floor can waste 30-50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy. In Southern Louisiana, USDOE recommends attic insulation of between R-49 and R-60. That’s at least a 16-inch thick blanket of fiberglass insulation. However, attic insulation is often as minimal as R-19, a far cry from the recommended R-value.

Attic Insulation with Open Cell Spray Foam will keep your Home Cool this Summer

At up to R-7 per inch, open cell spray foam insulation is the highest-R-value insulation material on the market. Properly installed open cell spray foam insulation offers a reliable, consistent airtight solution, and the material and application method make it perfect both for sealing and insulating. As it expands, it fills cracks and puts a halt to the exchange of energy, air, and heat.

By installing spray foam, you can get the sealing and the insulating done effectively in one affordable step! Encapsulating your attic with spray foam can be the best way to ensure that your cool AC stays in your home and your summer utility bills stay low.

Contact Sunlight Contractors  for your next residential or commercial spray foam project. With locations in New Orleans, Slidell, Baton Rouge, and Kenner Louisiana we’re the highest rated home insulation company in the state of Louisiana.

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