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An unprotected roof creates tremendous financial risk for business and real estate owners, but with a modest upfront investment, you can virtually eliminate the costs associated with water and air infiltration, damaging weather, and even energy consumption. How? By protecting your commercial or industrial property’s first line of defense – the roof.

Common expenses associated with a vulnerable roofing system.

Traditional roofing materials like BUR, mineral cap sheet, and even metal are vulnerable to southern Louisiana’s extreme temperatures. Over time, heat softens BUR and cap sheet roofing, leaving substrate exposed to harmful UV rays that further decimate the structural integrity of a building’s roof. Fluctuating winter temperatures and constant exposure to moisture cause metal roofs to expand, contract, and corrode, exposing commercial and industrial properties to further deterioration.

As your property’s roof degrades, it exposes the entire architectural structure to leaks, weather damage, and corrosion. If your property houses stock or machinery, a compromised roof can result in extensive (and expensive) collateral damage. If you’re a real estate manager overseeing residential properties with hundreds of tenants, seepage can result in the loss of income as renters abandon an increasingly uncomfortable situation.

A sealed roof safeguards your real estate investments against unnecessary expense.

While a compromised roof can hurt your bottom line, a secure, sealed roof can actually put money back in your pocket. A strong roof reduces long-term maintenance costs. Storm- and moisture-related damage become a bad memory. Leaks are no more. A solid roof can even reduce energy costs and increase productivity in the case of workplace properties.

Preserve your roof, your real estate, and your revenue with GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems.

At Sunlight Contractors, we recommend protecting commercial and industrial properties with GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems. GacoFlex Systems consist of a variety of products that work together to repair, restore, and protect your property’s structural integrity for decades. The Gaco line of roofing products can be applied to just about any existing roofing surface, and they’re designed to create a permanent, seamless barrier against ponding water, UV light, and extreme weather conditions. The silicone-based roofing system clings to substrate, resisting windlift and sealing up cracks, channels, and crevices where water and air permeate structures.

Choose a knowledgeable contractor with cutting-edge equipment and years of experience.

Even a state-of-the-art roofing system is only as good as the contractor installing it. Many contractors rush roofing jobs, skipping the critical assessment, repair, and clean up stages to cut their own costs at the expense of their customer’s property. Instead, they install the sealant directly to damaged roofs without taking the time to eliminate debris, dust, and damage that can compromise the quality of the installation. When installed poorly, the maintenance costs can actually increase for property owners, resulting in the crippling cost of a tear-off.

Sunlight Contractors roofing professionals have years of experience assessing roofing systems, identifying problem areas, and installing the temperamental silicone sealant. We insist on an evaluation of your existing roofing substrate before we make a recommendation because we recognize that not every roofing problem is the same. We also take the time to thoroughly repair, clean, and prep your industrial or commercial roof before applying any roofing system. This ensures a long-lasting, durable finish for property owners.

Reap the rewards of a silicone roof sealant for decades to come.

When properly installed, a GacoFlex roof can last the life of your commercial or industrial property. We’re talking decades of protection against the elements, a more comfortable living or working environment, and significantly lower energy costs.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Louisiana’s most knowledgeable roofing specialists today for an assessment of your real estate’s existing roof and recommendations for a more sustainable one.

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