Questions to ask before hiring a contractor – by Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana

How long have you been in business?

Contractors who have been in business longer have more experience to draw in as they assess and conduct renovations. They’re familiar with a wider range of problems, and they’ve tried a wider range of solutions. They’ve got processes and systems in place to keep projects on time and on budget, and they’ve got industry connections that can be advantageous when it comes to getting high quality materials at reasonable prices.

Are you a licensed contractor?

According to Louisiana law, a residential contractor’s license is required for any project that exceeds $75,000. In other words, the guy working on your roof doesn’t necessarily have to have a license. However, we’re talking about your home here, and wasted money is wasted money – whether is $75,000 or $7000. If your contractor couldn’t be bothered to go through the proper channels to get licensed in their area of expertise, why would they bother to go through the proper channels to repair your roof or your crawl space? If you’re going to invest in a professional, invest in a licensed professional. Better to pay a little more to get the job done right the first time than to pay twice to fix an unqualified contractor’s mistakes.

Corey Yates, owner of Sunlight Contractors, LLC, is the single most licensed residential insulation installer in the state. Corey holds seven different license classifications from the Louisiana State Licensing Board For Contractors (LSLBC). He is a Master spray foam certified by the SPFA. Corey also has an additional seven certifications with the Building performance institute.

How long will this project take?

Don’t be afraid to ask contractors how long a project is expected to take. This is your home, and any delays affect your comfort and convenience. Your contractor should make you aware of any circumstances that might affect the project’s anticipated completion date.

What can I expect while the renovation is underway?

Again, this is your home. You’ll want to know how your day-to-day living arrangements will be affected by the arrival of a construction crew. Find out when they’re likely to arrive each day and when they’ll leave. How much will the renovations impact your actual living space? How much noise and traffic can you expect?

On the flip side, let your contractor know your expectations, requirements, and circumstances. For example, give the crew a head’s up about the parking situation in your neighborhood, especially if you’re in a city like New Orleans or Baton Rouge, where parking can be contentious. Let the crew know which bathroom is available for their use and where to find other amenities they might need, like power outlets and breaker boxes.

What’s your policy on cleanup after a project?

Sunlight Contractor customers are often surprised to discover that their property looks better after the crew leaves than before they arrived. That’s because we respect our customers’ homes and property. We take the time to remove leftover items, clear away debris, and really clean up at the end of the day.

Where can I read reviews about your services?

If a contractor has been in business long enough, he’s got his fair share of reviews. Ask where to find those reviews so you can see first-hand what previous customers have to say about their experience. At Sunlight, we’ve amassed hundreds of reviews from happy customers. We’ve included one below for your convenience.

“Sunlight Contactors was the first company I called for getting spray foam insulation for my subfloors and attic. I initially spoke with Mr. Ira Bosh who was extremely knowledgeable and was able to fully address all of my initial questions and concerns. For the estimate, I met with Mr. Clayton, who took extensive measurements of the square footage and moisture levels of my subfloor areas (by crawling around beneath my house) and the attic. Also, Mr. Clayton went over the entire spray foaming process.

From the removal of the existing insulation, to the application of the spray foam, everything was fully explained. That attention detail was carried over to their work, as it is far more impressive than what the reviews say. Mr. Clayton and his crew arrived on time and the final product exceeded all of my expectations. Sunlight Contractors is a company that embodies an acute attention to detail, while also maintaining a genuine care about their customers’ needs, as if it was their own. If anyone is looking for spray foam solutions, I would highly recommend Sunlight Contractors.”

Jeff G.

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