A Louisiana Spray Foam Contractor Certifications – Back Up Promises

Finding a Certified Contractor for your Job

A Louisiana spray foam contractor is not required by state law to be certified.  There are many SPF (spray polyurethane foam) contractors available in our area to do your spray foam job. Why is it is in your best interest to find a certified contractor when installing spray foam insulation?

Your comfort, savings and safety hinge on expert SPF installation

What’s the difference between a spray polyurethane foam contractor who talks the talk and one who walks the walk? Everything. Including your comfort, savings and safety.

Unlike so many other contractors who will simply tell you that they’re qualified to do the job, Sunlight Contractors backs up its claims with proof of their professional training and certifications, not to mention countless rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Every spray foam company will likely tell you that they are trained, licensed, and certified by the company who supplies them with foam. Be aware, however, that to have a valid warranty from the manufacturer, installation must be done by a contractor who is certified by third-party industry watchdog the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA).

Sunlight Contractors is certified by the SPFA

Sunlight Contractors not only holds that certification, but they also have commercial, residential and mold remediation licenses issued by the state of Louisiana. An A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Sunlight has earned national recognition as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar™ Contractor as well.

Sound impressive? It is. Because it all means that Sunlight belongs to an elite group of highly trained, tested, certified professionals who demonstrate commitment to the highest industry excellence and safety standards, as well as knowledge of sound building science solutions.

They’re not out to sell you just any product. They employ sound building science to tailor solutions for your unique needs and budget. They know how to improve energy efficiency while adhering to strict safety standards.

And Louisiana homeowners are consistently impressed by Sunlight’s service

And if that’s not enough to convince you, consider what homeowner James Polk of Destehan had to say about his experience with Sunlight Contractors:

I had Sunlight Contractors install over 3000 square feet of spray foam in my home…I had a number of concerns before deciding to go with spray foam (moisture, bad smells, a bad installation, etc.) Ira and Corey took the time answer all of my questions and ease my concerns. To address my moisture concern, they showed me how they conduct their air flow test to ensure the amount of air that moves around the house meets national standards. No other contractor mentioned this while reviewing my house for the bid. They also assured me the smell would be very minimal and they were right. It’s been about a week and there is absolutely no smell anymore… Now that the foam is installed, my house is more comfortable…Doing business with Ira and Corey from Sunlight Contractors was the best experience I have had with a contractor.”

Or take it from lots of other Sunlight Contractors satisfied customers sharing their stories on our website, our Google+ page, and our Facebook page!


Our spray foam installers are SPFA certified and highly trained. Call now to have a complete home energy audit and see how spray foam insulation can save money, reduce energy waste, and increase comfort in your home! Sunlight Contractors, LLC is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction.

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