Avoid Spray Foam Disasters – Craig Leydecker’s Insulation Horror Story

Avoid Spray Foam Disasters

Spray foam insulation is one of the best money-saving products on the market for insulation efficiency as long as it is correctly installed.  Getting a certified contractor can help you avoid spray foam disasters.


Second-rate insulation installation comes back to haunt you

There was something ghastly going on in Craig Leydecker’s new home. Every time he walked across the floor, he experienced bone-chilling discomfort. Desperate, he called in Sunlight Contractors to investigate, and they discovered something terrifying: Craig was being haunted by the ghost of a previous bad spray foam insulation contractor!  


No wonder Craig’s floors felt frigid: The previous contractor had installed the wrong type of spray foam in the home’s crawlspace. And removing spray foam is no easy task. Sunlight Contractors had four men work for 40 hours removing every scrap of the inappropriate open-cell spray foam that had absorbed moisture and contributed to —  horror of horrors —  wood rot. Things got even creepier and crawl-ier when Sunlight’s men discovered a spine-tingling invasion of termites!

Sunlight Contractors repairs the damage done by unprofessional contractors

Sunlight Contractors sprayed for termites three times on three different days, carefully inspecting the wood substrate under Craig’s home after each application. At the homeowner’s request, they also sprayed other wood areas; and they advised Craig to hire a highly-rated, professional termite extermination company to treat his home every quarter for the next few years to be sure to keep the little monsters at bay.

Only after exorcising the sinister spirits of Bad Insulation Contractors Past and Terrible Termites Present could the Sunlight team go to work re-insulating the crawlspace the right way, using two-pound high-density closed-cell spray foam on the subflooring. Craig also had them install open-cell spray foam in his attic for further energy efficiency and savings.


Homeowner saved by Louisiana’s most highly-rated insulation contractors

Craig says he felt an immediate and huge difference once the job was done right: “They were spraying foam in places…little cracks and crevices … that no one would find, except for Ira and his men, and I just want to say, ‘thumbs up to you; thank you!”

Sunlight Contractors, LLC is the most highly-rated and reviewed insulation contractor in the state of Louisiana. Just ask Craig Leydecker. He’ll tell you that their top-notch work and customer service are a dream come true while hiring a lesser company can turn out to be a real nightmare! 

Before hiring a contractor:

  • Research information
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Ask for references – we’ll give you references to call
  • Check credentials

This will help you avoid spray foam disasters.


No other energy solutions provider can offer the savings and services that Sunlight Contractor does. From evaluations and estimates to energy conservation and production, we’re your one-stop-shop for energy efficiency. Call or email Sunlight Contractors today to learn more about energy solutions that will save you money while conserving energy.

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