How temperature impacts spray foam insulation odor

Spray Foam Insulation Odor

A bad installation of spray polyurethane foam stinks. Literally.  

Properly applied by a professional, spray foam insulation should emit relatively low fumes that will altogether dissipate in about a week. Homeowner James Polk, who recently hired Sunlight Contractors to install approximately 3000 square feet of spray polyurethane foam in his Destrehan home, describes his experience, which is typical of a job done right:

“The smell in the house was hardly noticeable and even in the attic, it just smelled like a fresh coat of paint. It’s been about a week and there is absolutely no smell anymore.”

On the other hand, imagine your home being overtaken by lingering odors so noxious that they make litter box and dead fish seem like refreshing Glade scents! This can result all if your spray polyurethane foam insulation gets botched by someone who simply doesn’t understand the science of proper application. In the worst cases, homeowners have been plagued by horrible smells that could only be addressed by painstaking and expensive removal of the foam they’d already paid good money for.

Such smelly and sickening results are nearly always due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The installers didn’t heat the chemicals to the proper temperature prior to spraying.
    • A certified contractor will know the correct temperatures
  • They sprayed the foam at an improper thickness.
    • Spraying to fast or too thin can affect the setting of the spray foam
    • As layers are applied, the underlayer remains soft emitting odors
  • They completely dropped the ball when it came to ventilation measures during application.

Remedying the Problem

  • Full removal of the spray foam is rare
  • Problem areas identified by softness will be removed and replaced
  • Ensuring proper ventilation during and after application

Do your Homework – Check References

The benefits of spray polyurethane foam can be many, but hiring a knowledgeable, experienced, highly trained and certified contractor to apply it makes all the difference.

Sunlight Contractors are certified by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) and have Lousiana-issued commercial, residential and mold remediation licenses. They are an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have earned both national recognition as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar™ Contractor, and high praise from countless satisfied customers.

Their highly trained, tested, certified professionals practice good building science solutions, and are committed to the highest industry excellence and safety standards, which means your home will come out of a spray foam application smelling fresh as a daisy!


Why not choose the spray polyurethane foam contractor who guarantees that you and your home will come out smelling like a rose? Call Sunlight Contractors for a complete home energy audit and see how spray foam insulation can save money, reduce energy waste, and increase comfort in your home! Sunlight Contractors, LLC is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction.

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