Insulation for Cold Storage Rooms and Buildings

Controlling Temperatures with Cold Storage Room Insulation

Whether you’re needing to control the temperature for cold storage rooms or a cold room in your basement, finding an insulation that will give you a high R-value, thermal resistance, and is an outstanding vapor-blocker is the key to spending your money the right way.  Read what this commercial business chose for their cold storage room insulation at their distribution center and why it is important to choose a certified insulation contractor.

Don’t have an insulation melt down

For over 25 years, Southeast Frozen Foods has supplied a complete line of frozen and refrigerated food products to retail grocery chains and other distributors and vendors. Sunlight Contractors does stellar work every time they install spray polyurethane foam, but this particular insulation job in Southeast’s metal storage facility was perhaps even more important. Keeping all products at the perfect temperature from the docks to delivery is vital not only to Southeast’s excellent reputation but to the health and safety of the consumers that they indirectly service.

Most people would be upset if they chose the wrong spray foam insulation contractor for the job. But Southeast Frozen Foods would have a complete meltdown. That’s why their New Orleans company representative Gene Monteilh says he’s glad they hired Ira and the experts at Sunlight Contractors to install spray polyurethane foam insulation in their cold storage warehouse.

Why Cold Storage Centers chose Spray Foam Insulation

Distribution centers like Southeast often utilize spray polyurethane foam for their cold storage room insulation due to its high R-value, its outstanding vapor-blocking and thermal resistance, and its overall flexibility and performance in extreme temperatures. Properly installed, it performs far better than traditional insulation materials like fiberglass and cellulose.

“We have to keep our freezers at -5 to -15 degrees at all times,” explains Gene. “I found Mr. Ira on the internet because of his ratings, and they did a fantastic job!”

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How Sunlight Contractors saves home and business owners cold, hard cash

If your needs extend beyond keeping your cold cuts cold and your ice cream bars from melting, Sunlight Contractors has the knowledge and expertise to advise you about the best installation products for your specific home or building. They guarantee that you’ll receive top-quality work and professional customer service, and they’ll even help you save some “cold” hard cash on energy costs.

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