Will Spray Foam Insulation Shrink? Properly Installed Spray Foam

What’s going on with your neighbor’s spray foam insulation?

Uh-oh. Your neighbor’s new spray foam insulation seems to be cracking and shrinking away from the surfaces to which it clung so nicely at first. Has it failed to live up to its reputation in the industry as “the miracle product”? More than likely, it’s your neighbor’s installation contractor who failed to live up to expectations.  Did he have the certified training  and (im) properly installed spray foam.   This is more common than you can imagine.

Properly Installed Spray Foam is the Key to Long-Lasting Insulation.

High-quality, properly installed spray foam is truly an amazingly advanced insulation system. Spray foam insulation can maximize a homeowner’s investment.  It seals costly airflow leaks and increases both energy efficiency and year-round comfort. Spray polyurethane foam offers impressively high, lasting R-value and unbeatable resistance to heat transfer that should last for the life of your home. The key words here, however, are “high quality” and “properly installed”.  Both of which your neighbor could have counted on if only he’d chosen Sunlight Contractors to insulate his home.

What spray foam do the pros rely on?

Sunlight exclusively uses spray foam manufactured by Gaco Western.  Gaco was recognized since 1955 for their top-quality insulation solutions for homes and businesses. Gaco’s high R-value product means low long-term maintenance costs and up to 40% more energy savings than other insulation techniques and products, along with a host of other benefits.

Properly applied open cell spray foam between wall joists.
Properly applied open cell spray foam between wall joists.
Closed cells spray foam applied properly to the underside of subflooring.
Closed cells spray foam applied properly to the underside of sub-flooring.

What insulation contractors should homeowners rely on?

Sunlight Contractors owner Corey Yates holds the highest certification available for spray foam installers. His Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) Master Installer Spray Foam Insulation certification indicates the ultimate in spray foam knowledge and expertise.

Unlike Sunlight Contractors, however, far too many installers have shockingly little experience or understanding that spray foam installation is a precise science, and that multiple factors affect the outcome of the application. If your neighbor’s spray polyurethane foam is already cracking and shrinking, here are some key factors that his installer likely overlooked  — or worse — blatantly ignored:

  • Quality of spray foam product
  • Outside temperature during installation
  • Temperature of the surface being sprayed
  • Temperature of the foam at the nozzle
  • Temperature of the foam in the truck
  • Humidity during installation
  • Moisture content of the surface being sprayed
  • Proper installation equipment
  • Proper mixing of chemical components

Don’t be your neighbor. Call Sunlight Contractors for your spray polyurethane foam installation. The trusted professionals at Sunlight have the knowledge, skill, and attention to detail to do the job right. When Sunlight installs your spray polyurethane foam, the only thing that will shrink is  your energy bill.

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