Keeping your Louisiana home energy efficient

Energy efficient attic insulation

Why is my Louisiana home so chilly in the winter?

If you have an improperly insulated or uninsulated attic, you have air leaks. In the summer, heat creeps into your home through air leaks and raises your AC costs. During the winter, the warm air you’ve paid for “leaks” through cracks and crevices in your attic. This can wreak havoc on winter utility costs, and you still won’t feel warm.

Because warm air rises, leaks in your attic floor can waste 30-50% of your home’s heating energy. In Southern Louisiana, USDOE recommends attic insulation of between R-49 and R-60. That’s at least a 16-inch thick blanket of fiberglass insulation.

Unfortunately, many homes in southern Louisiana have attics that aren’t well insulated. Insufficient layers of fiberglass insulation provide insufficient R-values. To make matters worse, fiberglass batts degenerate over time and provide little if any air sealing. Homeowners who rely on this old-fashioned insulation are practically showing heat the door.

How one Baton Rouge homeowner combatted the cold with open cell spray foam insulation

Homeowners like Brett Crow of Baton Rouge have combated the cold through cutting edge attic insulation installed by licensed contractors. The U. S. Department of Energy (USDOE) estimates that a properly insulated attic can reduce your heating bill by as much as 50 percent, and that same insulation will keep on saving you money when the hot Baton Rouge summer returns.

At up to R-7 per inch, open cell spray foam insulation is among the highest-R-value insulation materials available. When properly installed, an attic encapsulated with spray foam insulation offers a reliable, consistent airtight solution, filling cracks and putting an end to the exchange of energy, air and heat.

By installing open cell spray foam in his attic, Brett can get the air sealing and the insulating his attic needs in one affordable step! Encapsulating your attic with spray foam can be the best way to ensure that your heat–and your winter utility bills–don’t go right through the roof.

End the chill today with open cell spray foam insulation applied by the pros at Sunlight Contractors

No other local insulation contractors can provide the solutions and services that Sunlight Contractor does. Homeowners throughout southern Louisiana–from Baton Rouge to Destrehan– have taken advantage of our expertise to add a continuous and airtight layer of foam insulation beneath their attic rafters and inside the attic’s gable walls. It’s one of the many solutions we offer for your energy savings plan. Call or email Sunlight Contractors today for a complete home energy audit and attic insulation estimate

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