Flood Solutions 2016 Baton Rouge – Destrehan and Denham Springs by Sunlight Contractors

mold remediation with spray foam baton rouge homeowner by sunlight contractors

Flood Solutions for Baton Rouge Homes – Flooding of 2016

In the wake of the disastrous flooding of 2016, Brett Crow and hundreds of other homeowners in
Baton Rouge, Destrehan, and the surrounding areas were confronted with yet another round of
challenges. What do we do with these waterlogged homes? How do we get rid of the resulting
mold? And which contractors will take care of the work without breaking the bank or creating
more problems through shoddy work?

Why one homeowner chose Sunlight Contractors to get his house
back in order

Brett chose to work with Sunlight Contractors after taking time to research contractors who
provide mold and moisture remediation as well as home encapsulation for their flood solutions.

“I’ve worked in the energy service industry for the past 17 years and with a variety of contractors
performing services such as mechanical upgrades to envelope upgrades,” said Brett. “Corey
and the team at Sunlight Contractors are among the most professional contractors I’ve worked
with. They know their product well and offer common sense solutions, but at the same time, are
willing to adapt to your specific needs.”

When Corey visited Brett’s house, he took time to explore the crawl space, perform a blower
door test, and inspect for moisture-related problems. He found that in addition to damaging the
home’s structure, the flood had also created an ideal environment for mold to grow. This involved
more flood solutions which closed cell spray foam would solve.

How Sunlight Contractors Sealed Out Water with Closed Cell Spray Foam

Once the moisture had time to recede, Corey and his team installed Gaco Western closed cell
spray to Brett’s lower walls. Like open cell spray foam, the closed cell foam quickly expands,
enveloping the home while sealing any potential air leaks. Unlike open cell spray foam,
however, closed cell foam is water impermeable that is why FEMA included it as flood solutions material. It completely encapsulates the lower levels of Brett’s exterior walls in a monolithic, airtight barrier that provides added protection in the event
of a future flood which is recommended by FEMA.

Well-insulated walls provide more than flood damage control. Closed cell insulation’s high R-value also helps to keep conditioned air in and exterior air out. This ensures year-round climate control and smaller utility bills.

Brett improved his home’s envelope even more by adding open cell spray foam insulation in his attic.

  • Open-cell spray foam is water permeable, which is a better solution for roof decks. Should
    shingles or flashing blow away in a storm, creating a leak, open cell spray foam won’t hide the
    leak from homeowners. A hidden leak can do far more damage to a roof by allowing rot to
    permeate the surrounding area.
  • An attic encapsulated in open cell spray foam keeps temperatures consistent throughout the
    year, preventing stack effect and lowering utility bills. It also prevents the accumulation of mold
    and other moisture-related problems.

Brett’s home is now airtight and water-resistant thanks to Sunlight Contractors and spray foam
insulation. How does he feel about the work we did?
“If you want a knowledgeable contractor who is on time and on budget and who does excellent
work, Sunlight Contractors is the insulator for you.”

Contact Sunlight Contractors for an airtight, water-resistant home envelope
Homeowners throughout southern Louisiana rave about the advantages they’ve gained when
they work with Sunlight Contractors. We’re committed to improving the comfort, efficiency, and
resilience of homes in Baton Rouge and beyond. Contact our Baton Rouge location for more information.

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