Commercial Spray Foam in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi for South Coast Electric by Sunlight Contractors

south coast electric spray foam insulation for bay st louis mississippi by sunlight contractors of Slidell Spray Foam Insulation

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation by Sunlight Contractors – Spray Foam Slidell to Bay St. Louis Mississippi

South Coast Electric on their Spray Foam Insulation from Sunlight Contractors:

“The guys tell me it was 20 degrees warmer in the shop the next morning compared to the outside temperature and that was without the heaters on so they were pretty happy. As far as dealing with Sunlight I only have good things to say. The guys did a great job the walls look good they did a good clean up and just handled them self in a professional manner.”

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Benefits and Uses

What do a CrossFit gym, a box truck delivering crawfish, the Superdome, and a marine construction company have in common? They’ve all benefited from commercial uses of spray foam insulation application.

Spray Foam Insulation continues to be the most diverse residential and commercial construction product. Each of these businesses found powerful ways to employ the unique properties of spray foam insulation to improve their business and save money. Some may surprise you!

  1. ROOF DECK INSULATION: We added five inches of spray foam insulation to the roof deck of CrossFit NOLA’s gym, a converted metal warehouse that reached triple-digit temperatures during the summer months. Within hours of the application, the gym’s comfort level increased as its temperatures dropped.
  2. BOX TRUCK INSULATION: George Chin of Jazzmen Rice, a New Orleans-based seafood company, needed to deliver crawfish to Jazz Fest. We insulated his company’s box truck with closed cell spray foam, and now the storage area stays cool enough to get the job done even during New Orleans’ hot season.
  3. SPRAY FOAM ROOFING: After suffering damage from Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome needed a roof remodel that would weather future storms. Spray foam roofing clings to the unusually shaped roof, repels water and UV rays, and resists wind lift, making it the perfect candidate for any commercial structure.
  4. FLOTATION MEDIUM: Perhaps the most innovative use of closed cell spray foam in New Orleans was undertaken in partnership with By Land or Sea Marine Construction. We applied closed cell spray foam beneath a pier being constructed by the company, and the water-tight nature of the spray foam allowed the pier to float a full six inches above water while increasing the structural integrity of the pier!Spray foam insulation has been a popular choice for homes and businesses for thirty years, but we’re still amazed by the versatility of the product. Call our Slidell LA office at 985-718-5845 to speak with one of our SPFA-certified spray foam experts and see how our commercial uses of spray foam can help your business on the north shore or in the Slidell area! Located at1527 Gause Blvd, Suite #142
    Slidell, LA 70458 – We also have locations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Kenner.
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