Raise the roof! Spray foam insulation saved these businesses money!

What do CrossFit NOLA, Pontchartrain Landing, and Big Easy Collision have in common? At the outset, it may seem that they share no similarities. CrossFit NOLA is a business dedicated to keeping New Orleanians healthy and fit. Pontchartrain Landing is a business that caters to RVers who want to enjoy a little lakeside R and R. Big Easy Collision gets motorists back up and running. However, they all have one thing in common: hot, metal roofs.

CrossFit NOLA Before and After Spray foam insulation

CrossFit is based in a large metal warehouse where members train under rigorous conditions. There’s a lot of sweating going on naturally, but the building’s roof generated excessive heat that made the conditions uncomfortable for participants. Check out the image: the roof could reach temperatures of 148 degrees Fahrenheit! An application of spray foam insulation to the building’s roof deck brought temperatures down to a much more comfortable 87.6 degrees within just a few hours!

Pontchartrain Landing before and after spray foam insulation

Pontchartrain Landing’s main entertainment venue also has a metal roof with similar problems. The sun’s radiant energy beats on the roof, raising the temperatures considerably throughout the day. Keeping the large area at a comfortable temperature with such intense summer heat pounding on it meant a very large utility bill. Once again, spray foam insulation saved the day. Because it can cling to any surface, spray foam insulation could easily be applied to this large expanse of roof, lowering temperatures and saving money while remaining unobtrusive.

Big Easy Collision before and after spray foam insulation

At Big Easy Collision, when renovations were underway, a storage building for tires was added to the facilities. Another enormous metal structure, this unit would have been extremely uncomfortable for employees and potentially damaging to products being held there. In this case, spray foam insulation was not only added to the roof decking but even to the vertical walls. Because spray foam insulation sets within seconds, there’s no running or pooling, and we shave the spray foam down to give it a uniform, neat appearance on the walls.

Commercial box truck before and after spray foam insulation

We’ve even used spray foam insulation to maintain temperatures in a box truck that delivers produce and seafood to a local Vietnamese restaurant. Spray foam’s unique texture and high efficiency insulating properties make it the right answer for businesses whose large structures become stifling due to large, metal roofs and walls. It’s an affordable solution that keeps saving money for years after it’s first applied. If you’re a New Orleans business looking to save money on utility bills and make your facilities more comfortable and energy efficient, give Sunlight Contractors a call to get started on an energy saving plan with spray foam insulation.


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