Why Spray Foam Insulation Attic Encapsulation for a Cozy Christmas

Older attics in New Orleans often have no insulation.Though some winter days in southern Louisiana are so chilly, you may doubt whether the sun ever reared its head, at least, one Covington homeowner can tell you otherwise. John, a model of energy efficiency, invested in a solar energy earlier in the year, and he’s been pleased with the benefits that he’s seeing even when the sun seems to be in hibernation for the winter!

Reduce energy waste before producing energy with a solar installment

Of course, even with solar energy to supplement the grid, a homeowner can’t truly claim to be energy efficient if he’s wasting energy, even if the energy is free and sustainable. Why? If a homeowner like John has invested in solar but hasn’t taken the necessary steps to insulate and air seal his home, then energy is still going right out the window!

During times of the year when temperatures are extreme, such as the hot, humid summers and bone-chillingly damp winters of Covington, homes that lack proper insulation require constant heating and cooling. Because conditioned air escapes through cracks and crevices in attics and floorboards and the extreme temperatures of exterior air infiltrate through the same air leaks, indoor air must be perpetually conditioned, which results in high utility costs.

That means that no matter how much power John produces with his solar system, that power is going to waste. Ultimately, then, reliance falls back upon the grid to keep up with energy needs.

Attic encapsulation seals air leaks while insulating against extreme temperatures

However, as an informed homeowner, John chose to conserve his solar energy through the use of spray foam insulation in his attic. Open cell spray foam seals the cracks that create energy loss while also insulating the home from extreme temperatures. Yet, as it name indicates, does not trap water if there is a roof leak.  Whereas an uninsulated attic during winter and summer is usually intolerable, after the application of spray foam, John’s encapsulated attic maintains normal, consistent temperatures.

With a chilly Christmas around the corner, John can rest assured that his home will be cozy and cost effective. Plus, he can be confident that he’s made Santa’s nice list thanks to his efforts to reduce energy waste in his house.

For both energy production and energy conservation, John turned to the energy experts at Sunlight Contractors, LLC of Kenner, Louisiana. Sunlight boasts a crew of highly trained and experienced contractors, and our professionalism is evidenced by the rave reviews we receive on Angie’s List and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When you’re ready to learn more about making your own home more energy efficient, follow in John’s steps and give us a call!


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