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It may not do much for curb appeal, but a well-insulated home is a home that sales. While you’re waiting for a buyer, you’ll also benefit from lower utility bills and increased comfort. Open cell spray foam for attics and closed cell spray foam for your home’s crawl space increase a home’s energy efficiency better than any other insulation product on the market, but you should definitely seek a spray foam certified contractor like Sunlight Contractors for spray foam application. When installed improperly, spray foam can become a liability rather than an asset.

Spruce up your entryway

A new front door can do wonders for your home’s resale value, and it’s not a terribly costly proposition. Choose a door with a polyurethane core rather than a hollow core model. They’re more durable and energy efficient.

Replace worn siding

New siding improves the overall appearance of your home, which will draw in more potential buyers and increase resale value. Choose a durable, modern siding product like vinyl or fiber cement siding, and you can expect to recoup more than 75% of the project’s cost, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Invest in minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades

Your home’s kitchen and bathrooms probably get more traffic than any other room in the house. That means they’re most likely to look dated and deteriorated. Most buyers will want to add their own personal touches to these central spaces, but minor upgrades can improve resale value. They may also reveal problem areas that you’ll want to address before evaluations begin. For instance, kitchen and bathroom flooring can often conceal hidden leaks that will definitely be revealed during pre-sale inspections. Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario, give these rooms a facelift with new natural stone or porcelain tile flooring (and remediate any moisture problems while you’re at it). Both flooring options add style to a room and improve resale value.

Install energy efficient windows

Anything that improves your home’s energy efficiency will also improve resale value because they reduce the total cost of ownership. Energy efficient windows make homes more cost-effective and comfortable while also improving curb appeal. That’s a win-win in terms of resale value.

Hire reliable contractors to make improvements

Whether you’re planning to sale your home or live in it forever, it’s a good idea to hire a reliable contractor to handle upgrades. DIY project can become prohibitively expensive if mistakes are made, and the same holds true for unprofessional contractors.

At Sunlight Contractors, we pride ourselves on our multiple certifications, our years of experience, and our hundreds of glowing reviews by satisfied customers. Read our reviews online to see what others are saying about our services, and then give us a call to schedule an appointment to start your own renovations!

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