Case Study: Cancienne Wall And Roof Insulation

Sunlight Contractors Spray Foam Insulation Open Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Wall roof spray foam insulation job

Every business wants to control costs and keep their employees comfortable and equipment in a dry environment.   In Raceland, this building owner decided on wall and roof spray foam insulation and called Sunlight Contractors to do the job.

Spray Foam Insulation professionals you can trust

When Reid Cancienne of Raceland first decided to insulate his metal building, he interviewed several companies to determine who should do the work. Sunlight, he says, stood out because of their certifications, extensive knowledge and informed responsiveness to all of Reid’s questions.

“Many companies give the wrong advice and you get mixed up, but trust me, Sunlight Contractors are pros,” says Reid, explaining why he ultimately chose the professionals at Sunlight.

Conscientious contractors with integrity

Sunlight applied open cell spray foam in the roof line and closed cell spray foam in the walls of Reid’s metal building. Upon application, spray foam expands to fill gaps and cracks, creating an airtight, seamless thermal barrier that can reduce costs and energy waste, eliminate air loss and increase comfort.

Sunlight’s trained, certified professional crew carefully preps the area to cover and protect all equipment and merchandise from overspray, ensuring a job that’s as neat and clean as it is effective. As the state-of-the-art Graco reactor in their specially equipped rig delivers foam through heated hoses to a spray foam insulation gun, every member of the crew is busy doing his/her part to optimize the job’s efficiency.

And on the rare occasion when the crew gets something wrong, they are quick and professional about making it right. “The crew of four forgot to spray a small section in my building around 300 square feet in an enclosed room,” says Reid. “I called them and they apologized immediately making an appointment convenient with my time schedule.They came back exactly when promised and took care of it perfectly. Knowing that a company immediately takes care of any issue means everything to me.”

Spray foam reduces costs, increases comfort

Now that the job is done, Reid says that he can already feel the difference, and he couldn’t be happier. “It’s no wonder why Sunlight Contractors have all those great reviews all over social media!”

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