Unlicensed contractors lead to future moisture and insulation problems Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

Beware unlicensed contractors with deals that seem too good to be true

In the wake of the dramatic flooding in southern Louisiana this year, many unlicensed contractors have taken advantage of desperate homeowners attempting to get their lives back to normal. Offering quick fixes and rates that seem too good to be true, they’re nowhere to be found when the homeowner’s floors begin buckling and mold that was lurking out of sight reappears. Many flood victims realize too late that the “better deal” they got from an amateur turns into a huge expense down the line.  In order to avoid hiring an unlicensed contractor, check with the Louisiana business filings website to ensure the contractor is licensed.

How Sunlight is helping homeowners in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Kenner, Slidell andSurrounding areas.

At Sunlight Contractors, we’ve been working with homeowners in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas to remediate moisture damage and mold created by the flooding. We’re also helping to prevent future damage by installing moisture-repellant closed cell spray foam to sub-flooring and within exterior walls.  

The key to both mold remediation and prevention as well as effective spray foam application is a careful inspection before the work begins. Our experts spend time examining crawl spaces and all of the spots where moisture-related problems hide before making any recommendations.

In the homes most affected by flooding, moisture levels may be too high in wood joists, floorboards, and support beams to apply insulation right away. Wood structural beams and boards need drying before insulation and remodeling process.  Contractors who rush through a project without inspections or consideration for unacceptable moisture levels are ensuring that the work will have to be torn out and redone at a future date.  The post clean up / remodeling process is difficult in the first place without having to revisit it again in a few months or years when your family is getting sick in your home from the work of an unlicensed contractors.  In addition, getting the wood properly dried and replacing the insulation with a product that FEMA deems  flood resistant materials.

While spray foam insulation will last the life of a house under normal circumstances, it cannot be applied to surfaces with moisture levels of 18% or higher. The result of this amateur move is that spray foam won’t adhere properly to the underside of subflooring. Come the next flood, homeowners will find themselves in the very same situation.

One Denham Springs homeowner’s thoughts on Sunlight Contractors

This attention to detail and forethought has made our team the top pick among homeowners rebuilding after flood damage. Mike Macaluso of Denham Springs, LA was referred to Sunlight Contractors by a family member who had recently partnered with Sunlight for his own home’s remediation and renovation.

What was Mike’s verdict?

“The came highly recommended for doing a great, professional job in a timely manner for a great price. They were able to start within a short period after contacting them and have had great communication with us about the process. The installation was quick and well done. They are very professional, prompt, and neat. We are very happy with the product and the entire experience.”

The Macaluso family will be even happier as fall turns into winter. The closed cell spray foam that we applied to their subflooring doesn’t just prevent further moisture and mold infiltration. It also insulates the floor and prevents drafts from creating cold spots throughout the house. The family will be more comfortable while saving money on electricity bills and future water damage.

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Sunlight Contractors is Louisiana’s most highly trained and certified insulation contractors and mold remediation specialists. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, we can help you save 40%-50% on your utility bills and get your home energy efficient.

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