Dan Brannan, Crawl Space Moisture Problems in New Orleans

Take time to find the right contractor and the right insulation

Southern Louisiana homeowners with poorly insulated crawl spaces often complain of drafts and cold feet. In their eagerness to remediate the situation, it’s not uncommon to rush to find a contractor who can solve the problem. However, rushing when it comes to finding an expert to install your insulation only creates more problems, discomfort, and expense.

One of the biggest obstacles to an effective crawl space encapsulation is moisture. Wood floorboards, joists, and supports retain high levels of moisture in the south’s humid climate. Traditional insulation like fiberglass only traps moisture against wood, creating an ideal atmosphere for the growth of mold and the infiltration of termites.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems: How moisture impacts (SFI) application

The better option is closed cell spray foam insulation. However, even spray polyurethane foam isn’t effective when applied to subflooring with high moisture level. When spray foam is applied to surfaces with 18% or higher moisture, it’s lifetime guarantee is null and void.

Unfortunately, amateur contractors don’t bother to inspect for moisture or plumbing leaks before they apply spray foam insulation. This lax attitude has left many homeowners in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding cities in worse shape, not better.

How expert contractors prevents moisture-related insulation woes

At Sunlight Contractors, our insulation and moisture prevention experts take time to perform a careful inspection under a house before applying insulation. In the case of customers like Dan Brennan, that extra time saves money and trouble down the line.

When we examined Brennan’s crawl space, we discovered moisture levels exceeding 25%. In conditions like that, spray foam insulation won’t adhere to the subflooring. Over time, it falls off, leaving homeowners with cold feet and soggy floorboards.

In Brennan’s case, we covered the dirt beneath his home with heavy gauge plastic to create a vapor barrier. Then, we used high speed air movers to draw out moisture and reduce levels to a more agreeable 16%. Only then did we encapsulate the crawl space.

Brennan’s floors are now protected by 2 inches of closed cell spray foam applied to the underside of the subflooring. The spray foam creates a monolithic barrier against future moisture buildup while also preparing the Brennan family for a much cozier winter.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems: We guaranteed crawl space encapsulation

Sunlight Contractors is Louisiana’s most highly trained and certified insulation contractors. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, we can help you create a more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and healthier home.


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