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Moisture, Mold, and Buckling Floors. St. Tammany Parish, Slidell, LA – by Sunlight Contractors of Slidell, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Kenner and all of Southeast Louisiana

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Slidell Mold Remediation Solves Moldy, Moisture Laden, Buckling Floors

       We solved Louisiana homeowner’s summer hot home problem. Sunlight Contractors is in                                        St. Tammany Parish – Slidell, Louisiana at the home of Cary and Paula

Their home was riddled with mold and moisture due to little air circulation in their crawl space. After discovering and bringing Sunlight Contractors of New Orleans in for an evaluation they were so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the company that they knew we were the right ones for the job.  The process that Sunlight Contractor Mold Remediation process began with

1st Step – Mold Remediation Process

  1. Remediation – scrubbing and removing mold and mildew
  2. Installing a vapor barrier
  3. Reducing crawlspace moisture to 17%

Sunlight’s team of certified mold remediators spent two days doing extensive mold remediation scrubbing and removing mold and mildew in a 2 foot high, 1,800 square feet of crawl space until all the mold and mildew was gone. Once the mold was dead and the subfloor was scrubbed and disinfected, Sunlight Contractor’s cre laid out heavy gauge plastic to create a vapor barrier between the subfloor and brought in heavy duty fans type air movers with ducting and indirect heaters to bring the moisture level down from 35 percent to 17 percent.

2nd Step Mold Remediation Prevention

  1. Application of water blocking primer
  2. Application of closed cell spray foam
  3. Enjoy your home’s dry mold free crawl space

Once the moisture level hits 17 percent we applied a water blocking primer by Sherman Williams designed to fill the bare interior and exterior masonry walls from moisture penetration. Once the paint was all dried the spray foam crew came in and applied closed cell spray foam.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Abilities

  1. It insulates at the highest r value of all insulations
  2. It creates an air barrier between the sub floor and your interior floors
  3. It is a vapor retarder
  4. It is a thermal barrier
  5. It is an insect barrier

Our closed cell spray foam is very energy efficient makes your home much more sustainable and has great long-term value. It’s everything you need and more –  it’s your insulation, your air barrier, your vapor retarder, and also your thermal break. Cary and Paula’s mold and moisture problems are solved for good here’s a review from the couple.

Cary and Paula’s Mold & Mildew Review:

“I’ve had a moisture and mold problem for many years. I just didn’t know how to fix my swelling floors in my tight crawl space. I was searching the internet and came across Sunlight Contractors and decided to call them. After speaking with Ira Bosh, I had Sunlight Contractors come out and inspect my crawl space. Clayton from Sunlight Contractors suited up with a protective suit, hood, mask, gloves and did a thorough inspection.  

I was so impressed that after Clayton from Sunlight did the inspection, I spoke with Ira Bosh and hired Sunlight Contractors, who began to work within a week. The first thing they did was use foggers with a certified mold killer on my entire 1,800 square foot crawl space. Then, two days later after the mold was dead and the subfloor was scrubbed and disinfected, they laid out heavy gauge plastic over my entire subfloor that created a vapor barrier and brought in the heavy air movers with ducting and indirect heaters to bring the moisture levels down from 32% to 17%. 

During this process, they spray painted a specially formulated paint from Sherman Williams to drive the rest of the moisture through my wooden floors. Sunlight was very punctual and worked hard each day. We had rotted wooden beams under the crawl space that Sunlight Contractors repaired also. After all this was done their spray foam crew came in and sprayed closed cell spray foam over every wood beam and all the floors. They covered everything with hard foam two-inch depth. They cleaned up after themselves every day and did a marvelous job.  They were so respectful, they were like family. I can tell a huge difference in my home, now that they are finished. There is no musty mold smell, the floors feel solid like a slab home, my AC works half the time and my air quality in the house is so much better. No more mold spores being drawn into my home from the crawl space anymore.” 

Cary and Paula’s only regret is they should have called Sunlight Contractors sooner.  Don’t wait until your home has sustained mold and mildew damage, be pro active and call Sunlight Contractors today at 504-222-2082 for a free assessment of correcting your damp smelly crawl space.

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