Leaching Moisture from Wood before Applying Spray Foam to Crawl Spaces Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville and surrounding areas

Leaching Moisture from Wood Before Curing Cold Floors

This homeowner thought she just needed a solution to her cold floors but soon found out that she had a moisture problem with her subfloor.  In order to do the job the right way, the remediation process included leaching moisture from the joists.  Dana shares her story and her surprise when tackling her homes problem.

A new homeowner with an Old, Cold Dilemma

When it comes to professionalism, it takes one to know one. And Dana Brown, a landscape architect, recognized the expertise of Sunlight Contractors right away. Brown recently purchased a historic home in southern Louisiana, and being a savvy homeowner, she wanted to seal up her older home before the winter chill had a chance to permeate the wood floorboards.

She contacted the insulation specialists at Sunlight Contractors, and as is our usual process, we set about inspecting her home before providing recommendations. After a blower door test to accurately gauge energy loss in her home, our team studied conditions under her raised home.

An Inspection Shows Moisture Mold Issues

As is the case with many older homes in humid climates, we discovered that Brown’s subflooring retained excessive amounts of moisture and that mold had gotten a firm foothold in her crawl space. We proposed solutions to Brown’s problem, and once we had her approval, we quickly got to work resolving the issues before applying spray foam.

Leaching Moisture from Wood

The first step was to remove excess moisture or leaching moisture from joists and subflooring. We accomplished this by creating a vapor barrier between the earth floor and the wood subflooring deck. Once the vapor barrier was in place, we circulated air using high-powered blowers, which helps to leach moisture out of the wood. If this step isn’t taken, spray foam insulation won’t properly adhere to the subflooring, creating problems in the future.  Care needs to be taken by homeowners to ensure that the contractor doesn’t by pass the moisture test.  

We also conducted tests to determine the extent of Brown’s mold problem. Once we knew what we were dealing with, we were able to remediate the problem quickly and thoroughly. Future mold infiltrations will be prevented by the application of moisture-repellant closed cell spray foam insulation.

With problems solved, spray foam can be applied confidently

With Brown’s crawl space in much better condition, we were finally able to apply the spray foam insulation to the underside of the subflooring. Closed cell spray foam fills in any cracks between joists as well as gaps around plumbing and wiring. That leaves no room for chilly winter air infiltration, saving Brown money on utilities while also ensuring her year-round comfort.

As a professional landscape architect, Brown has a lot of experience with construction projects and understand how easily projects can be derailed by unanticipated obstacles. She had this to say about her experience with Sunlight Contractors:

Sunlight Contractors were really very professional, courteous, and thorough.  They proposed methods of resolving the issues and took care of business. The job was done efficiently and professionally. I recommend Sunlight Contractors to everyone who needs home insulation.

As a mold remediator, we here at Sunlight Contractors cringe at the thought of rushed spray foam insulation applications.  Without the proper procedures which include leaching moisture from the wood, homeowners who hire unqualified contractors will be revisiting this expense in a few short years.  Doing your homework, as a homeowner, to find a qualified

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