What do insulation contractors learn from blower door tests

How airtight is your home?

Like oil and vinegar, energy efficiency and air leaks just don’t mix. While a home can never be too airtight, there’s probably never been a home that’s 100% airtight. Blower door testing allows your insulation contractor to figure out precisely how airtight — or leaky — your home really is. That’s pretty important, since you can’t fix a problem until you identify it.

What a blower door test says about your home’s energy efficiency

Sunlight Contractors performs blower door testing before every spray polyurethane foam installation job. The test provides valuable information, including:

  • The number of leaks in the home
  • The location of leaks in the home
  • The effectiveness of any current insulation and sealing

Armed with that information, Sunlight’s spray polyurethane foam professionals know precisely which areas require the most attention to maximize energy efficiency and minimize drafts and moisture-related problems.

The professional insulation contractor’s promise

To make sure the job is done in accordance with their own lofty standards, Sunlight always performs a second blower door test once the job is done. In addition, because they also care about the air quality of your home, they’ll assess how your home stacks up to ASHRAE standards, then provide you with a written report of their findings regarding air exchange rate per hour.

Unlike other Louisiana spray foam contractors, Sunlight’s installers are highly trained and certified by third-party, professional organizations such as the LSLBC, SPFA, and BPI. Owner Corey Yates is a Master Spray Foam Installer with hundreds of hours of field experience in addition to certification through the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. Before you hire quasi-professionals, be sure to investigate their qualifications using the links to professional organizations provided in this post and compare them with Sunlight Contractors’ qualifications.


You’ll breathe easier when you trust Sunlight Contractors to evaluate and properly insulate your home. Sunlight combines unbeatable customer care and unsurpassed expertise to provide you with the most energy-efficient, comfortable home possible. And those are two ingredients that definitely do mix!

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