Homeowner Battles Moisture

Baton Rouge homeowner was ready to move on after flooding

Like many in southern Louisiana, CarRon Cooper of Baton Rouge had his work cut out for him after the 2016 floods. His home had been in the path of the rising waters. Afterwards, he was ready to begin renovating so he could move on with his life.

As a thoughtful homeowner, he recognized that all of the work could be undone by another flood. How could he begin repairs with confidence? CarRon turned to the moisture control experts at Sunlight Contractors to find a solution.

Sunlight’s owner Corey Yates visited CarRon at his home in Baton Rouge and performed a
thorough assessment of the moisture damage, mold penetration, and air and vapor leaks. Once
he had a clear understanding of CarRon’s current situation and his desire for preventative
measures moving forward, Corey had the perfect solution.

Why moisture management is a critical element of home
protection for southern Louisianans

Moisture management is an important consideration in southern Louisiana even when flooding
isn’t an issue. Moisture can lead to termite infestations, mold and decay, the corrosion of nails,
screws and other elements that keep your structure intact, and buckling floorboards. And it
doesn’t take a flood to cause that kind of damage. Homes are just as susceptible to moisture
damage caused by southern Louisiana’s high humidity and by condensation from HVAC
systems as to more cataclysmic sources.

Closed closed cell spray foam insulation, which is impermeable to moisture, is proven to prevent
moisture penetration whether from summertime condensation or springtime storms. While
closed cell spray foam costs a bit more than other types of insulation, no other insulation is as
effective in protecting your home from moisture damage.

How Sunlight Contractors helped another Baton Rouge
homeowner get moisture problems under control with closed cell
spray foam insulation

Corey and his team of highly-trained, SPFA-certified spray foam insulation contractors applied
closed cell spray foam to CarRon’s walls, sealing them from future water damage. The closed
cell spray foam also helped to keep CarRon’s home warmer and cozier throughout the winter
while reinforcing its infrastructure with its rigid consistency.

While many Baton Rouge area residents had negative experiences with unqualified contractors
after the flooding, CarRon was delighted with the work that Corey and his team did, calling the
product and the service “great” and commenting on the team’s professionalism and speed.

Contact Sunlight Contractors today to get your home’s moisture
under control

Your home is your biggest investment. Protect it. Call Sunlight Contractors today for an
assessment of moisture and mold damage as well as your home’s potential for energy savings.

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