Flooding and Mold Removal

Neighbors wished they’d called Sunlight for Mold Removal

When fellow Central, Louisiana flood victims came to see the mold removal work that Sunlight Contractors had done on Steven and Niki Lord’s home, they experienced buyer’s remorse. Why? Like many flood victims, they’d also been the victim of shoddy mold removal or remediation and spray foam insulation installation performed by unlicensed contractors looking to make a quick buck.

Flood damage is Followed by Unprofessional Contractors Mold Removal

Niki and Steven had done their due diligence when they were confronted with mold, mildew, and water damage. While they were in a hurry to get back to their lives, they didn’t want to rush into a relationship with a contractor who wasn’t qualified to do the work. They knew that would only compound their problems. Instead, they wanted to find a way to prevent future problems.

After speaking with the moisture- and mold remediation experts at Sunlight Contractors, Steven and Niki knew they’d found the right team for the job. We took the time to inspect the damage done to their home by the flood, and followed up by clearly explaining the advantages of applying spray foam insulation to subflooring and exterior walls after the mold removal.

How Spray Foam Seals flood-prone Louisiana Homes after Mold Removal

Unlike other insulations, closed cell spray foam provides a monolithic vapor barrier, making it the perfect solution for moisture-prone crawl spaces. Permeable insulation like fiberglass batting and even open cell spray foam allows elevated moisture levels in subflooring even under the best of circumstances. When homes are hit by typical southern Louisiana humidity and increasingly common high water marks, these porous insulations offer no protection. It makes homes susceptible to mold and homeowner with costly bills for mold removal.

Closed cell spray foam is impermeable. It clings tightly to the deck of floorboards, barring entry by moisture. That means better protection against wood decay and damage caused by flooding, moisture-loving mold, and wet-wood-hungry termites.

The Added Advantages of closed cell spray foam to Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and other Louisiana homeowners

In addition to applying closed cell spray foam to encapsulate the Lord’s crawlspace, we also applied spray foam inside their wall cavities. This extra layer of protection gives the Lord’s peace of mind during rainy season as closed cell spray foam vapor seals their home from the worst damage. It is why FEMA has classified closed cell foam insulation as a flood/moisture prevention.

Moisture protection isn’t the only advantage that the Lord’s gain through closed cell spray foam. Properly installed spray foam also provides an impressive R-value (greater than 6.0 per inch), high strength and rigidity, and amazing sound absorption that make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable, structurally sound, and quiet too.

Contact Sunlight Contractors – Spray Foam of Baton Rouge – to protect your home from moisture damage

The highly knowledgeable and SPFA-certified crew at Sunlight Contractors can advise you about the solutions that are best for your individual home and situation. If closed cell spray foam is one of them, you can rest assured that Sunlight will quickly, safely, and professionally encapsulate your subfloor and/or insulate your walls to make sure you’re protected from moisture damage that can result from Louisiana floods. Call Sunlight today, because that kind of peace of mind is a blessing.

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