Best Sub Floor Crawl Space Insulation

Is your home suffering from an unsealed crawl space?


Research shows the spray foam does the best job for sub floor crawl space insulation. Not only does it prevent drafts and cold floors, it seals out moisture and helps protect from termite damage. This homeowner discovered that spray foam is the only choice for sub floor crawl space insulation.

Other southern Louisiana homeowners like Dale Mathew of Baton Rouge have unsealed crawl spaces that allow cold air to pass through vents, openings, and gaps during hot summers. Once chilly air infiltrates your floorboards, you’re likely to discover that no matter how much you adjust your thermostat, you’ll still have cold feet. And a higher utility bill.

Dale decided that he was tired of the constant battle against fluctuating southern Louisiana temperatures. He wanted an insulation that would do more than insulate. He wanted an insulation that would seal the underside of his sub flooring and prevent cold feet altogether.

What’s the best possible solution for sub floor crawl space insulation or encapsulation?

A 2001 LSU Ag Center study demonstrated that closed cell spray foam insulation, which is impermeable, is the most suitable solution for preventing air gaps in sub floors of raised floor systems in Southern Louisiana. Closed cell spray foam also boasts the highest R-value on the market, making it the logical choice for serious insulation.

Dale contacted the professionals at Sunlight Contractors to learn what we could do to get his home sealed and cozy for the winter. After an initial energy assessment, we concluded that encapsulating his sub floors with a monolithic barrier of closed cell spray foam insulation would indeed ensure warmer floors in the winter.


What are the added benefits of closed cell spray foam insulation?

But improved comfort is only one of the many advantages that Dale gains with the addition of closed cell spray foam insulation to his Baton Rouge home. The foam is also impervious to moisture, making it an ideal vapor barrier against high humidity and frequent flooding.

Sunlight Contractors sealed up Dale’s home, making sure it was ready for southern Louisiana’s chilly winters and damp springs. It’s a fairly quick process. In most cases, Corey and his team of SPFA-certified professionals can finish an entire crawl space encapsulation in just one day.

Once it’s installed, it adheres to the underside of the sub flooring, creating a firm, impermeable, protective barrier against both moisture damage and air leaks. Dale could immediately feel the difference between a home with an unsealed crawl space and crawl space sealed with the cutting edge benefits of closed cell spray foam encapsulation.

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