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A Baton Rouge homeowner describes his Sunlight Contractors mold removal

“After the recent flood in Baton Rouge,” reported Baton Rouge homeowner Harden O’Neil, “I am having to renovate my home. I contacted Sunlight Contractor’s…Project Manager Corey Yates who came to my home that afternoon. Knowing nothing myself of what could be done, Corey walked me through my options and explained how he could give me line quotes on my different options and then let me make a choice. When my quote came in, they were hired the next day. I had contacted [other] businesses in Baton Rouge, but they either wanted too much money or never came back after the first look. I was sent all info I could possibly need to explain about the installation, the material used, and the company and crew from Sunlight Contractor’s.”

The problem with other insulation contractors

While Harden is justified in criticizing contractors who never call back, he may be luckier for their lack of customer service. Following the catastrophic flooding in southern Louisiana this year, many unlicensed contractors took advantage of desperate homeowners attempting to get their lives back to normal. They offered quick fixes and rates that seem too good to be true, but when the work was done and homeowner’s floors begin buckling, they were nowhere to be found. Many flood victims realize too late that the “better deal” they got from an unlicensed contractors was extremely costly in the long run.

Why licensed insulation experts are the only choice for a flood-damaged home – Sunlight Contractors Spray Foam of Baton Rouge & New Orleans

Sunlight’s licensed insulation experts provide an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable alternative to the untrustworthy contractors who came out of the woodwork after the floods that left southern Louisiana homeowners desperate for help. We’ve helped homeowners in Baton Rouge, Destrehan, and across southern Louisiana remediate moisture damage and mold created by the flooding. We’ve also helped to prevent future damage by installing moisture-repellant open cell spray foam to sub-flooring and within exterior walls.

  • Unlike other contractors, Sunlight Contractors don’t provide recommendations until we’ve properly assessed the individual homeowner’s unique situation. That includes a mold and moisture inspection and a blower door test to identify air and vapor leaks. We get down under the house to find the hidden spots where moisture-related problems hide because we understand that offering a solution without understanding the problem first is a recipe for disaster.
  • When contractors rush a project, neglecting inspections, they create extra expenses and trouble down the line. While spray foam insulation will last the life of a house under normal circumstances, it won’t adhere properly to the underside of subflooring with moisture levels of 18% or higher, which is common after floods. Contractors who don’t take this into consideration are creating future problems, not solving current ones.

Today, Harden’s home is in better shape than ever with sub-floors and exterior walls that are sealed against air and vapor penetration. His home will be more protected in the event of another flood, and in the meantime, his family can enjoy the other benefits of closed cell spray foam insulation, like lower utility bills and warmers winters.

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Sunlight Contractors is Louisiana’s most highly trained and certified insulation contractors and mold remediation specialists. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, we can help you get your home back to normal while also providing the insulation you need to stay cozy all winter. Sunlight Contractors of Baton Rouge at 1527 Gause Blvd, Suite #142 Slidell, LA 70458
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