Researching Insulation Contractors

Baton Rouge Homeowner on Researching Insulation Contractors

When Kalpana Singh decided to have her new 4000-square-foot Baton Rouge home insulated, she took the responsibility of finding the best contractors for the job seriously. Kalpana spent five months researching insulation contractors and contacted seven other homeowners to get the scoop on her top choice Sunlight Contractors, LLC.

Kalpana was astounded by the overwhelming positive reviews that our references provided. They cited Sunlight’s prompt communication and service, our commitment to cleanliness, our reasonable rates, and the benefits that they’d seen after just a few days with spray foam insulation installed in their attics, walls, and sub-flooring.

Baton Rouge Homeowner Save Money and Restored Comfort with Spray Foam Insulation

Through researching insulation contractors, this homeowner found properly installed spray foam insulation keeps temperatures consistently comfortable year round by providing an air and thermal barrier. That means that utility bills are also lower, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars, especially during southern Louisiana’s steamy summers.

During Baton Rouge’s bitter winters, spray foam insulation seals out humidity that makes the cold feel even chillier, and it prevents the escape of heated air. Spray foam insulation provides more than comfort in a home, however. It also prevents moisture-related problems like mold and mildew, while offering both superior sound and fire-proofing benefits.  She also discovered, when researching insulation contractors, the contractor’s quality of works impacts the efficiency of the insulation.

Baton Rouge Home Owner Digs into Researching Insulation Contractor

Being a diligent consumer, Kalpana still wanted more information about the person who would install her insulation. She understood that the knowledge and expertise of that person is one of the most critical aspects of the job. After speaking personally with Sunlight’s owner and founder Corey Yates, she was duly impressed by his technical knowledge, well-rounded experience and expertise. He was able to easily answer every question she had while providing recommendations and solutions specific to their project.

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