BPI Building Performance Analysis

Many state-run energy efficiency and weatherization assistance programs demand BPI credentials.

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BPI Home Energy Audit

Unfortunately, anyone can offer you a "Home Energy Audit". Just because the "energy auditor" is offering to evaluate your home energy issues, does not mean they or the company making the offer has the training, licensing, insurance or experience to conduct a home energy audit.

BPI Certification

Be careful who you let into your home. Unless a contractor is either a BPI certification (Building Performance Institute) or RESNET certification, they have no business offering any type of "Home Energy Audit." If they can't provide proof of their BPI certification, kindly ask them to return when they have the proper licensing and BPI energy auditor certification before having them do an energy audit.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI)

For more than 20 years, BPI has been raising the bar in home energy auditing and energy efficiency upgrades. BPI establishes national standards and workforce credentials for every BPI energy auditor based on the principle that your house is a system.

Optimizing the relationship between the building envelope, heating, A/C, ventilation and other systems of your home is the key to its overall performance in terms of comfort, health and safety, and energy efficiency.


BPI Certified Professional

When you choose a BPI certified professional or accredited contracting company for your project, you get a member of the elite. Contractors who have earned the coveted BPI energy auditor certification have passed BPI’s rigorous written exam and an in-field practical exam that verify their knowledge and skills about energy audits and in building science solutions.

Certified Energy Auditor

A certified BPI energy auditor knows how to improve energy efficiency while providing important safety functions such as mold prevention, carbon monoxide testing, and combustion appliance safety checks. They also have the know-how to help you prepare your home for solar, geothermal, or other types of energy upgrades.


Why a BPI Certified Building Analyst?

For many homeowners and tenants, energy bills account for too much of the monthly budget. These existing homes often suffer from home performance problems ranging from inflated energy consumption to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality issues.

These are problems that product rebate programs, regular contractors or even the best do-it-yourself homeowner cannot solve. That's when a professional home energy audit by a contractor with a BPI certification is needed.

Energy Auditors are in Demand

BPI certified energy auditors are in demand now more than ever before. In fact, many state-run energy efficiency and weatherization assistance programs demand BPI certification. A BPI certified energy auditor has a key role to play in helping these programs expand.

Nationally Recognized Energy Auditor

BPI is a nationally recognized standards development organization for testing residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. As an independent, not-for-profit, professional organization, they bring together leading building science experts from across North America to develop our standards using a consensus-based methodology.

BPI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an approved developer of American National Standards. Through BPI’s Standards Technical Committee and its working groups and dozens of committed industry participants, the BPI Standards program maintains an unmatched reputation as the home performance industry’s leading standards body.

How to Earn BPI Certification

With a BPI certification, contractors receive energy training and learn how to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify energy issues and their root cause, and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science.

Through professional training and testing, the BPI certification program verifies your knowledge, skills and abilities needed to conduct comprehensive building performance energy audits, including assessing whole-building ventilation, measuring airflow, combustion safety and testing/data collection.

Steps to Get Building Analyst Certified

  1. First, the contractor must read the Certification Scheme Handbook, Field Guide, and Testing Knowledge List for the BPI Building Analyst certification.
  2. Training: Although the Building Performance Institute (BPI) does not require training and is not affiliated with any training centers, many contractors choose to complete the training to help perform better on the BPI exam. Most BPI Test Centers offer exam training.
  3. The contractor then schedules their exams with a BPI Test Center in their area.
  4. It is then time to take the BPI Building Analyst Exams (online and field).
  5. Test Scores: After taking the online exam at the BPI Test Center, they receive their exam scores instantly. For the field exam, the contractor should receive their results within 2-4 weeks.
  6. CertificationIf successful, the contractor will receive their BPI certification in the mail.


The BPI Building Analyst certification must be recertified every three (3) years.

If the BPI energy auditing professional has accumulated and submitted at least 30 qualifying BPI Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over the course of your current certification cycle, they may bypass the online exam when it comes time to recertify. Likewise, if the BPI building analyst has 3,000 hours of verified work experience during your current certification cycle, they also qualify to bypass the field exam.

New Orleans Home Energy Audit

Sunlight Contractors has been performing free certified home energy audits in the New Orleans area for years. If you are interested in a free home energy audit in New Orleans or the surrounding areas, call Sunlight Contractors or submit our contact form online today to schedule your appointment. There is no obligation.

Free BPI Home Energy Audit

A qualified New Orleans home energy audit may be exactly what you need to save thousands on your home utilities and improve your overall home performance using building science principles.

Let a BPI certified energy auditor come out to your house in the New Orleans area for a full home energy audit and evaluate your home's energy consumption. After performing the BPI test, your energy auditor will also develop a customized energy plan for your home and work with you to decide what steps are right for you.

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