What to do at the first sign of mold and mildew

Mold and mildew have arrived.

What’s that musty smell? What are those weird little discolored threadlike patterns and spots on the wall? And why am I suddenly so red-eyed and sneezy? Any or all of these can signal that mold and mildew are moving in.

If your home has a history of 60+ percent humidity, moisture issues, and/or poor insulation or ventilation, your home or business is particularly at risk for hosting mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew have no plans to leave.

Unless you act quickly, that is. Once those nasty “M&M twins” settle in, their very nature is to grow bigger and spread, sometimes within as little as a day or two. Since it’s possible that the mold and mildew started on the building’s exterior before penetrating interior surfaces, structural damage may have occurred before you even notice its arrival inside.

And now that it’s in, it can wreak havoc on everything from carpets and other floor-coverings to wallpaper to fixtures and furniture! Even worse, your worries aren’t limited to property damage; mold and mildew can also negatively affect health and even lead to liability issues for business owners.

You have to boot them out. Fast.

According to the EPA, if the moldy area is larger than 10 square feet, you’re going to need some professional help. In fact, even “evicting” a smaller patch requires that you strap on an N-95 respirator, unvented goggles, mid-forearm gloves and prepare to do some serious scrubbing. Depending upon the precise type of mold, you may need to use some pretty serious chemicals as well.

And that’s just to kill the mold. Since even dead mold is bad mold when it comes to causing allergic reactions, you’ll have to carefully remove it all too.

Trust Sunlight Contractors

Unfortunately, there are lots of unqualified, unlicensed mold removal scam artists out there who are as eager to move in on you as the mold and mildew themselves. But Corey Yates, Sunlight Contractors owner, is a certified mold remediation expert, licensed with LSLBC.

He and his knowledgeable, experienced team will promptly and properly address your mold issues, while always putting your safety first. They’ll start by pre-testing the air and surfaces and sending samples to a licensed lab to ensure that they know the exact scope and nature of your mold and mildew problem, as well as the best way to eradicate it. What’s more, Sunlight Contractors offers solutions (such as moisture-resistant spray-on insulation) that create unappealing conditions for mold and mildew and discourage them from ever paying a return visit.


You deserve a true certified, licensed professional to protect your home or business – and your health – against mold and mildew. Count on Sunlight Contractors for unsurpassed service and expert solutions.