Interior moisture and mold problems got you steamed? Try venting

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When dewy is a “don’t-y”

A dewy, glowy complexion? Nice. Dewy, glowy walls and ceilings? Decidedly not nice. If your home’s interior surfaces are starting to glisten, you likely have a moisture problem. And mold is probably right on its shiny heels.

Is your home too “tight”?

Old-school thinking might suggest that the moisture buildup is caused by your house being too airtight. Not likely, says modern building science. A home can’t actually be overly tight, agree most experts. In fact, they suggest that properly sealing and insulating your home’s attic is especially effective at reducing the likelihood of mold and mildew problems by preventing conditioned air from leaking from ducts inside your house. Spray polyurethane foam’s unbeatable ability to reduce air leakage makes it the perfect means to that end.

The official word on spray foam, moisture and mold

In 2006, an International Residential Code change actually began allowing unvented roof assemblies, provided that there’s no vapor retarder between the attic and the home’s living space and that builders place air-impermeable insulation between rafters. “Air-impermeable insulation” means spray foam.

Building Science Corporation’s Armin Rudd, who helped write the 2006 code change, says there’s every reason to believe that sealing an attic with spray foam, especially in hot and humid climates, keeps outside moist air out, thereby staving off condensation and ensuing mold problems.

Vent it

However, experts don’t discount that a home can be poorly or inadequately ventilated. And while natural ventilation, allowing air to leak in and out at any old time from any old where, is not the answer, mechanical ventilation could be. A system to allow controlled blowing of fresh air in directly from outside, may be the best solution to regulate interior moisture and discourage mold growth.

Trust Sunlight

Sunlight’s highly qualified and experienced team of spray foam installers, led by SPFA-certified Master Spray Foam Installer Corey Yates, will make sure your home is “sealed tight” and offer professional guidance if they determine that your home requires ventilation solutions.

And even if moisture has already created mold problems in your home, don’t despair. Corey is also a mold remediation specialist, licensed by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC). He and his team will respond quickly, conducting proper pre-testing of air and/or surfaces to pinpoint the precise type of mold as well as the magnitude of its effects on your home.

They’ll send samples to a licensed lab and use the results to determine the best procedures, equipment and tools for effective cleanup and removal. To learn more about what you can expect when Sunlight tackles your mold issue, click here. Don’t settle for anything less – your home and your health depend on it.


Sunlight Contractors will help you deal with moisture and mold problems that are getting you hot under the collar. There’s no other contractor who can beat their professional spray foam installation, mold remediation expertise, or overall customer service.

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