What Is the Most Cost Effective Insulation for New Construction?

If prevention is the best medicine, the best time to reduce a home’s energy waste is during the construction phase. After all of the channels have been drilled for electrical wires and pipes, after outlets and light fixtures have been installed, but before the drywall goes up, steps can be taken to both insulate and air seal so that structures are at their peak energy efficiency when the homeowners move in. Doing so streamlines the insulation application so that it becomes a part of the construction process, and it also ensures years of future savings.

Spray foam insulation applied to exterior walls

Open cell spray foam insulation can be applied to exterior walls during early phases of construction. Once the insulation is sprayed, it expands to fill cracks and gaps and to air seal spaces around doors and windows. Since a considerable amount of energy loss happens due to conditioned air being pushed through air leaks out of the home, the air sealing properties of spray foam make it an exceptional preventative measure for energy waste.

Not only does this application air seal and insulate, it also strengthens the joists and other structural features, as its final form is a rigid consistency. It’s components add resistance to moisture-related problems such as mildew and mold, eliminating those dilemmas from the list of future home repairs.

Spray foam insulation provides the highest R-value on the market, which means that your home will maintain consistent temperatures year round. Because air conditioning accounts for 50% of a home’s utility bill – or more in southern Louisiana cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, adding spray foam insulation before walls have even gone up means that bills will be low from the first day homeowners move in.

While spray foam insulation is more expensive than traditional insulation, all of these benefits combine to make it the most cost effective insulation on the market over the life span of a home. 

Cellulose insulation added to exterior walls

Blown in insulation, which is made from post-consumer recycled paper, provides a green option for home builders seeking to insulate new constructions. Like spray foam insulation, cellulose can be applied between the joists of exterior walls to air seal and insulate, reducing energy waste and lowering utility bills for years to come. 

Treated with chemicals that make the insulation fire, mold, and pest resistant, blown in cellulose insulation also improves the overall quality and endurance of newly constructed homes while soundproofing! Investing in an insulation with these benefits minimizes the cost of home improvement and repair down the line while reducing utility bills. 

Invest in insulation up front to save for years to come

Deciding to invest in insulation during the early stages of construction is a wise choice that provides many opportunities for future savings. To learn more about having insulation installed during construction, contact the experts at Sunlight Contractors today.


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