Wet, Damp Sub floors Insulating Dirt Floor Crawl Spaces

Dirt Floor Crawl Spaces are a Problem for Louisiana Homeowners

[gallery_bank type=”individual” format=”thumbnail” title=”true” desc=”true” responsive=”true” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”14″]Crawl spaces with dirt floors are not uncommon, in particular in older homes, because they’re cheaper. However, they create significant problems for homeowners, especially in humid southern climes like Louisiana.

Insulating Homes in Louisiana

Damp earth creates moisture issues. Moisture issues lead to mildew and mold and increased humidity and discomfort. Mildew and mold create structural weaknesses. Structural weakness invites the swarms of termites that are common in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas.

Many homeowners attempt to deal with crawl spaces by insulating, which is a great start. However, insulation is only as effective as the material being used. In the case of crawl spaces, fiberglass, which is often used, is the worst case scenario. It soaks up moisture, provides a living space for pests, and eventually droops, becoming utterly useless.

How closed cell insulation protects dirt floor crawl spaces

Closed cell insulation provides the best solution to homes with dirt floors and the problems created by them. Closed cell spray foam creates a monolithic seal against the moisture that rises from earthen floors. Because it fills in cracks and gaps, conditioned air can no longer escape, and external air can no longer permeate homes.

This innovative insulation, which has been used by numerous industries for over thirty years, also provides an unbeatable R-value. One inch of closed cell spray foam provides an R-value of 6.4, and 3.5 inches of spray foam insulation offers R 23.3.

Closed cell insulation also solves the problem of mold and mildew. By creating a vapor barrier, spray foam repels moisture. Lacking moisture, mold and mildew are problems of the past. This not only ensures the health of your floorboards and your home’s structural integrity, but it also means that the inhabitants of your home are healthier as they’re not subject to mold and mildew spores that cause respiratory problems.

Termites, on the other hand, are unable and unwilling to chew through spray foam insulation to get to the wood on the other side. Other pests, likewise, do not find spray foam a habitable environment. While your family will reap the health benefits and enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere, unwanted inhabitants get the boot.

Unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation clings to the deck of your floorboard, merging with it to form one strong, solid barrier against common dirt floor problems for years to come.

Take action to protect your dirt floor crawl spaces today!

If your home has dirt floor crawl spaces, it’s time to take action. Seal up your crawl space. Insulate your home. Prevent infestations. Improve indoor air quality. It only takes two steps: call the experts at Sunlight Contractors, and then let us apply closed cell spray foam to your crawl space. It’s a quick process that has long-term benefits.


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