Utility bill reduced by 50% in New Orleans with spray foam insulation

High utility bills can make you hot under the collar.

[gallery_bank type=”individual” format=”thumbnail” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” special_effect=”overlay_fade-white” animation_effect=”bounce” album_title=”true” album_id=”20″]If there’s one thing that can make you sweat faster than a hot New Orleans day, it’s a sky-high utility bill! It was July, 2013, and Eric Berger was tired of sweating it! As his air-conditioning unit struggled to keep the house cool, he struggled to cope with his $300+ utility bills!

Eric couldn’t believe that his AC unit, which was only four years old, was the culprit, so he began exploring other solutions. He contacted Sunlight Contractors for a free energy audit, and everyone agreed that what was really heating things up at Eric’s house was an uninsulated attic.

It’s actually an all-too-common problem since. While builders are required to insulate between the attic and living spaces, the attic itself is often neglected. As a result, attic temperatures can quickly heat up to triple digits on a hot Louisiana day. Eric’s HVAC ductwork passed through his blistering attic, so his poor overworked AC had to perpetually re-cool that air. Even the newest, most energy-efficient unit on the market would have had to do the same. It would have done nothing to reduce Eric’s utility costs.

Be cool. Spray foam insulation can help.

Sunlight’s experts knew that open cell spray polyurethane foam insulation was the answer. It would address the air infiltration problem and stop hot outside air from leaking into the attic through cracks and crevices. It would also address the issue of radiant energy and keep outside heat from rapidly raising attic temperatures. Eric agreed.

Using heated hoses and spray foam guns that deliver spray foam in liquid form from the Graco Reactor proportioning system in their rig, Sunlight’s certified spray foam contractors applied the spray polyurethane foam insulation directly to Eric’s roof deck. The foam then expanded, seeping into even the tiniest little crack or crevice that had been allowing conditioned air  out and hot outside air in.

Sunlight applied five inches of foam to the roof deck, insulating the entire attic from the sun’s radiant energy. In just one afternoon, Eric’s attic temperature dropped from 140 degrees to a comfortable 75 degrees. And the best part is that the whole process only took a few hours. Because Sunlight uses spray foam with an integrated ignition barrier, the attic was completely sealed and safe within mere hours of the spray foam curing.

Spray foam increases both efficiency and savings.

Eric’s air conditioner was happy. It no longer had to cool and re-cool the air that ran through the attic ductwork. Eric was happy. He saw immediate and significant energy efficiency and savings. This never would have happened if the full five inches required by code hadn’t been installed.

More than a year later as he reflects on his entire experience with Sunlight, Eric seems even happier. He praises everything from the crew’s promptness in arrival to their thorough, professional post clean-up process — and everything in between. But most of all, he praises the increased efficiency and savings  that have resulted from spray foam insulation.

Take it from a happy spray foam customer.

Eric explains: “My a/c unit used to come on at about 10 a.m. and not go off until 10 p.m. It never “cycled” on and off during the day, and the thermostat temperature would often reach 85 or 86 degrees. Now the temperature on the thermostat never rises above 80 degrees (set at 78) and the unit cycles on and off during the day like it’s supposed to. My most recent electric bill was $179.35. My bill for the same period last year was  $304.15. Now my home is so cool that I sometimes set the thermostat higher.”

Eric adds that even during the summer of 2015 when temperatures exceeded 95 degrees and the heat index was 155 for days on end, his house remained cool and comfortable. And while his bill was higher during this period, Eric says that it was still significantly lower than it was prior to installation of the spray foam insulation.

“I can’t say enough about Sunlight Contractors, LLC!  I am extremely satisfied with the product and the work that they did. I would recommend them to anybody – and I have done that already!” Eric concludes.

If you’re looking for a solution to skyrocketing utility bills, talk to the experts at Sunlight Contractors about spray polyurethane foam insulation. It provides a safe, lasting, energy-efficient solution, and Sunlight Contractors provides services and solutions above and beyond their New Orleans competitors. All customers receive a comprehensive energy audit before work is started and after all work is complete to ensure that work is done correctly. They are Goldstar certified with the Building Performance Institute, and their spray foam contractors are all certified with the independent Spray Polyurethane Foam Association. Sunlight exclusively uses the safest, most effective spray foam products.

Call Sunlight today and join Eric Berger and Sunlight’s growing list of other satisfied customers!


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