The Solution To Battling Mold And Mildew In Your Home – Sunlight Contractors Helps A Ponchatoula, Louisiana Homeowner

Moisture testing during spray foam installation preparation

What do you do when you notice mold or mildew in your home? Sunlight Contractors, LLC of New Orleans, Louisiana has the answer for you. You can battle your mold and moisture issues with closed cell spray foam! Keith of Ponchatoula, Louisiana called Sunlight Contractors because he noticed cupping and buckling of his floors inside of his home. Sunlight Contractors and their crew knew exactly what needed to be done. Clayton Byrd, Sunlight Contractor’s lead technician, went out to Keith’s home to check his crawlspace for high moisture levels and mold.

This particular home had moisture readings higher than we’ve seen in recent months. The moisture readings ranged from 40 to 50%! Moisture readings are considered high and detrimental to your home when they are anything over 18%. In some cases, moisture issues are present without the growth of mold, but in this case, the customer had existing mold on his subfloor. The very first step Sunlight Contractors took was to apply an EPA certified mold stat plus to kill all mold spores that were present on the underside of the home.

The crew then used deck brushes with an EPA certified mold disinfectant and scrubbed away all of the dead mold spores. This is a very tedious job! Keith provided Sunlight Contractors with an 8 mil vapor barrier to install under the subfloor and then installed a 4 mil vapor barrier on top of that. The vapor barriers are used to catch all of the dead mold spores so they can be wrapped up and then thrown out to the trash. The next step taken was to install a perimeter wrap around the entire home. The perimeter wrap is to help hold in the heat from the 500,000 BTU indirect heater that is brought in to dry out the entire crawlspace.

The drying process can take days or even weeks. Sunlight Contractors crew members were at the home every day to make sure the indirect heater was filled and checking moisture readings. Once the moisture readings were below 18%, Sunlight Contractors was able to spray closed cell spray foam on the subfloor. It is very important that if there were any previous moisture issues, that the customer get a full coverage spray on their subfloor. This entails encapsulating every wooden member, beam, and floor joist in closed cell spray foam. Keith can now rest assured that his home will never have another moisture or mold issues on the subfloor again!

Keith was so ecstatic with the job that Sunlight Contractors performed, that he left a beautiful review that included a synopsis of the work that they did, in his own words. Keith is a real homeowner, who has real moisture issues, just like you may have. It’s
always great to hear what your fellow neighbors have to say about a contractor before you let them in your home.

“Sunlight Contractors provided mold remediation on my home. They could not spray any
spray foam on our crawlspace before we brought the moisture levels down and killed the
existing mold that was in the crawlspace. They started off by killing the mold and removing
all the dead mold spores. They cordoned off the subfloor so the mold would not spread.
Sunlight contractors was able to incorporate materials they I had purchased on my own
which brought down the price a bit. I had a tremendous amount of moisture underneath
our home in our crawlspace and Sunlight brought it down below 10%. We had moisture
levels between 40%-50% which is extremely high. Once Sunlight Contractors was able to
bring the moisture down, they fully covered the crawlspace including the wooden
members, beams, and floor joists. Sunlight Contractors was EXCELLENT
COMMUNICATION! From start to finish, I knew what was happening, receiving daily
updates with photos. The result has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend
Sunlight; I only wish I had called them sooner.”


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