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Dealing With Mold And Moisture In Louisiana

By October 4, 2020November 22nd, 2020Moisture Control

Louisiana homes are plagued with moisture and mold which Sunlight Contractors has seen time and time again. Many homeowners let their home go because of the fear of cost. What most homeowners do not know is that moisture and mold is just the start of the problems. Mold occurs because of the moisture content in the home whether its in your attic, walls, or crawlspace.

Louisiana’s humidity is a major factor in the moisture content running rampant throughout our homes. Moisture can cause mold, rotting wood, rottingCrawlspace in the process of having the incorrect open cell foam removed and replaced by closed cell foam. plywood and much more. Moisture can also cause your foundation to shift, and unlevel your home. One example out of the many homes we have rescued is Mrs. Heather from Schriever, LA 70395. Over 10 years ago Mrs. Heather thought she cured her moisture problem in her home. She mistakenly hired an unlicensed contractor who ruined her home by installing open cell spray foam on the underside of her home.

Why Not Use Open Cell Foam?

Open cell spray foam in your crawlspace is completely wrong and the contractor was negligent. Open cell spray foam is not a vapor barrier and will trap moisture in your subfloor causing mold, rotting wood members, rotting plywood. It will also cause your hardwood floors to buckle, or cause cupping on the topside of your hardwood floors.

Fixing The Issue The Correct Way

The first step to fix Mrs. Heather’s home was to fix her shifting foundation. The previous contractor had installed the piers and beams incorrectlyOpen cell spray foam removed from crawlspace almost ready to have closed cell foam sprayed in place. which caused them to sink into the earth. Sunlight Contractors installed 20-ton jacks under the home and dug 24” deep to install concrete, steel rebar into the ground to be able to install and level the piers correctly. We also removed the open cell spray foam that was one of the major factors in causing so much damage to her home. The moisture levels were still a concern as high as 45%. Sunlight Contractors has a full proof process on reducing the moisture level all the way down to 10%-12% or less. After the moisture remediation process was complete, rotted floor joists were taken care of and then Heathers crawlspace was moisture free and was ready for the cure.

Closed Cell Foam For The Win

Closed cell spray foam is a thermal barrier, air barrier, and vapor barrier. We guarantee it for the life of the home the way Sunlight sprays a monolithic seal and Mrs. Heather will never again have a problem on the underside of her subfloor again. Sunlight Contractors sprayed 3” of closed cell spray foam throughout Mrs. Heather’s entire subfloor covering the entire wooden substrate. Since the bottom of her subfloor caused so much damage, her floors had to be completely replaced after replacing the rotted plywood. Mrs. Heather trusted an unlicensed contractor over 10 years ago that caused tremendous damage in her home over time. Sunlight Contractors not only has the solution to all your home’s problems, but we are backed by the most certifications and licenses in the state of Louisiana.

Closed cell foam was sprayed in place after tearing out all the open cell foam creating a vapor barrier trapping moisture


Written By: Jessica Costa