Metal Building Insulation

Is Spray Foam Insulation the Best Choice

Roland K. of Harvey, Louisiana, owns a state-of-the-art metal building. It’s only fitting that he’d want it encapsulated by the state’s most trained, certified insulation contractors using a  state-of-the-art spray foam insulation product. So when Roland heard all the rave reviews about Sunlight Contractors’ professionalism, punctuality and product knowledge, he didn’t hesitate to call them to insulate his entire futuristic building with closed cell spray foam.

Closed cell spray foam cures to form a hard, smooth, impenetrable surface that offers the 3-in-1 benefit of vapor, air and thermal barriers.The product has the highest R-value on the market. Virtually nothing gets past closed cell spray foam, making it ideal for sealing all kinds of outdoor buildings, crawl spaces and other environments.

Of course, proper job site preparation and product installation are key to closed cell spray foam’s effectiveness, and Sunlight Contractors’ efficient, neat application process is practically an art. They ensured overnight and long-lasting protection against both moisture and termite damage for Roland’s building.

Roland was so pleased that he immediately posted a Rate-A-Biz verified review praising Sunlight Contractors, LLC, for everything from their initial responsiveness, to their fair quote, to their ongoing reliability and constant communication.

“They answered all my questions and went above and beyond to make sure the experience of doing business with them was a pleasant one,” says Roland K.


Sunlight Contractors’ spray foam installers are SPFA certified and highly trained. Call now to have a complete home energy audit and see how spray foam insulation can save money, reduce energy waste, and protect your home or building.

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