Metairie Homeowner Saving from spray foam insulation

Expert In Building – Engineer Chooses Spray Foam Insulation

Engineer Richard Davies of Metairie, Louisiana knew that he needed help, and he needed it fast. He’d heard positive reviews about the benefits of spray foam insulation.  Should he spend the money?  How would he find a qualified spray foam insulation installer?  His poorly insulated attic wasn’t doing his home or his wallet any favors when it came to energy efficiency and cost savings.

This Metairie homeowner knew that spray foam insulation could help his heating and air conditioning system to work more efficiently. Since spray foam insulation regulates temperatures throughout homes, HVAC temperatures will not drop or rise dramatically. In addition, open-cell spray foam encapsulation prevents air leaks while also providing the highest R-value on the market. An open-cell spray foam encapsulated attic can cut homeowners’ total residential energy use by 10% or more.

Richard did his homework in finding the best spray foam insulation installer to encapsulate his 2,800 square foot attic with fire-retardant open cell spray foam. He says that Sunlight Contractors stood out, not only because they gave him the lowest quote for the job, but also because they were so helpful in answering all his questions. Ira even gave Richard tips for what to look for in a contractor if he decided to go with another company.

It’s no surprise, however, that Richard chose Sunlight Contractors, and he’s really happy that he did. Within a week, Sunlight’s professional team was on the job, finishing both the installation and the clean-up in less than a day. Richard says he had expected it all to take more than a day, but everything was completed by 1 p.m.

Two days after the installation, Richard discovered firsthand that in addition to being efficient, Sunlight Contractors is dedicated to customer satisfaction even after their work is done. When he noticed an issue with one of his outlets, Richard called Sunlight. They immediately came out and determined that Richard had had some faulty wiring done prior to the attic encapsulation. Nevertheless, Sunlight Contractors made the repair and resolved the issue.

“Dealing with Ira and Corey was incredibly easy. They did a great job, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone,” says Richard.


Our spray foam installers are SPFA certified and highly trained. We’re proud distributors of Gaco Firestop2 open-cell Foam. Call now to have a complete home energy audit and see how spray foam insulation can save money, reduce energy waste, and increase comfort in your home! Sunlight Contractors, LLC is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction.

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