Your spray foam roofing questions answered

By October 13, 2014November 11th, 2015Spray foam roofing

Spray foam roofing before and afterIs SPF is an effective roofing system?

Believe it or not, spray foam technology was first distributed commercially in 1954, and even then business owners saw the benefits. Largely used for refrigeration and industrial insulation projects, SPF is now so common that it’s regularly used to insulate residential buildings! The National Building Code recognizes spray foam as an effective means of reducing air infiltration in a building’s envelope. Just imagine how much energy (and money) you can conserve by preventing conditioned air from escaping your commercial structure.

How long will a spray polyurethane foam roof last?

An SPF roof is one of the longest lasting roofs available to businesses, lasting up to 50 years when properly applied. Periodic, low cost elastomeric re-coats help maintain the integrity of the roofing systems.

When can spray foam roofing be applied?

The ideal temperature for SPF installation is between 60 and 120 degrees fahrenheit, which happens to be exactly the same as any other roofing application. Spray foam has been applied to rooftops worldwide under a variety of climate conditions. While factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind do play a role in choosing the best time to undertake an installation, our certified spray foam installers have hundreds of hours of training to help them make the most of our particular conditions in southern Louisiana.

Can I install my own spray foam roofing?

Spray foam systems require precision and know how. We would not recommend that any unlicensed person undertake the application of a spray foam roof. At Sunlight Contractors, our crew members are all SPFA-certified spray foam installers, and Corey Yates, the owner of our company, has also received the Spray Foam Roofing Master certification. Hiring a team of professionals means you’ll get the job done more quickly and more effectively. Do not risk your bankroll by allowing uncertified contractors install your spray foam roofing system.

Is my spray foam roof insurable?

Yes. Spray foam roofs are fully insurable when properly applied by professionals.

Will a spray foam roof stand up against the wind and rain of southern Louisiana?

Yes. Because spray foam clings to your roof deck, it resists wind lift, which makes it a superior choice for commercial roofs in Gulf Coast states where hurricanes and high force winds are a fact of life. In the unlikely event that damage does occur, spray foam can be re-applied to just the damaged area, which saves a lot of money in whole roof repairs.

Are spray foam roofs expensive?

While the cost of oil has driven up the cost of many flat roof options, spray foam roofing has remained consistently affordable. If you factor in the long life and the inexpensive maintenance, spray foam may be the easiest decision you’ll ever make for your business.


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