Choose spray foam roofing to prevent weather damage

By August 4, 2014November 11th, 2015Spray foam roofing

spray foam roofingNew Orleanians are all too familiar with the expenses associated with starting over again. Business owners have overcome hurricanes, oil spills, and a recession – a bevy of challenges that take a toll on businesses. Some expenses are unavoidable, but there are ways to cut back on losses when weather-related crises strike. Smart business owners plan ahead for the worst case scenario.

In New Orleans, an ever-present concern for homeowners and business owners alike is weather damage to buildings. Hurricane force winds peel back the roofs of structures like sardine cans; standing water on roofs following flooding rains cause structural damage and leaks.

How can business owners prepare for this sort of damage?

Spray foam roofing.

An extremely durable material, spray foam seals roofs with a barrier that protects from wind and water damage and insulates from UV rays. Because spray foam clings to roof surfaces, it resists wind lift that would cause serious damage to traditional roofs. By filling in uneven substrates and cracks where leaks may occur, spray foam roofing also prevents water damage.

Spray foam roofing can be applied over any roofing substrate, so the cost of removing your current roof is eliminated, and it conforms to any shape, which means it seals even around vents, pipes, and other projections on your roof. In the unlikely event of damage to the spray foam, it is easily and affordably repaired.

If you’re a business owner looking for an affordable way to repair your roof after weather damage or to prevent future weather damage, look no further than spray foam roofing! It seals, protects, and saves money and energy. Call Sunlight Contractors your licensed roofing specialists for more information on spray foam roofing.


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