Lower your overhead with spray foam roofing

spray foam roofing
A spray foam roof can reduce your business’ utility costs and increase comfort.

“Let’s see,” Timothy, a local restaurateur began, counting off business costs on his fingers. “Well, there’s the food, obviously. Staff. Menus and advertising. The website. Equipment maintenance. Permits. Licenses…it’s not cheap.”

Whether you own one of New Orleans’ fine dining establishments or an accounting office, running a business isn’t cheap. Every business comes with its unique set of expenses, but some expenses are nearly universal.

Consider the roof over your head. It’s something that we take for granted until the steady drip drip drip of a post-storm leak threatens to water down the gumbo or fry the electrical circuitry.

If you’ve chosen spray foam roofing to protect your business, you won’t have to worry about leaks or expenses for a while to come. That’s because spray foam roofing extends the life of your roof. When sealed with an elastomeric top coat, a spray foam roof resists rain, fire, and even harmful UV rays.

Spray foam can be applied to almost any existing roof substrate from tar and gravel to single ply without the need of an expensive tear off, which means you can continue your job while we do ours. The cost of installation of these strong, reliable roofs is equivalent to traditional roofs, but the upkeep is much more affordable.

Though it’s perfect for roofs that are flat or have a low slope, spray foam’s adhesive property means it can even be applied on vertical surfaces. Sagging roof areas can be filled to prevent pooling without adding stress to the building’s structure due to spray foam’s lightweight consistency, and spray foam’s self-flashing property, which creates seals around vents, pipes, and other protrusions, prevents leaking associated with more traditional flashing methods.

Once your roof is in place, you’ll begin to see other savings. Spray foam roofing systems’ high R-value reduces energy expenses significantly while increasing the overall comfort of your business. You can expect to see a savings of 30 to 50% on your heating and cooling costs. In fact, a spray foam roof will pay for itself in a few years through reduced utility bills alone!

Your business has enough expenses. Why not add some savings? With a spray foam roofing system, you’ll save on installation, maintenance, and energy costs. That’s one way to lower your business’ overhead! Contact Sunlight Contractors to learn more about affordable, energy efficient spray foam roofing systems.


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