New Orleans Flooding – Mold Remediation Steps and FEMA Recommended Prevention Sunlight Contractors Spray Foam

Sunlight Contractors Flooding in New Orleans Mold remediation spray foam insulation

Flooding and heavy rain in New Orleans – How to handle and prevent mold by Sunlight Contractors of New Orleans

Louisianians are being inundated with rain and the chance of our homes being flooded is a strong possibility even when your home and businesses normally may not flood.

All this moisture causes expensive problems for clean up but most importantly, what can a homeowner do to fight off mold and moisture in our saturated climate? Jason Chauvin, a New Orlean’s engineer, had a problem with moisture before the torrential rains and sought a solution. During his research, Jason called Sunlight Contractors to get their input on what to do about excessive moisture. Here’s what he found from Sunlight Contractors.

Flood Damage Mold Remediation Plus Prevention

After removing all water damaged areas and drying areas that have taken on water, FEMA recommends closed cell spray foam as a flood resistant material. It adheres and seals out moisture and water in crawl spaces and walls. Clean up from flooding with closed cell spray foam is only spraying off the areas affected by water and no replacement of floor joists or timely drying process is necessary. Drywall will need to be replaced but your clean up costs are greatly minimized with a sealed crawl space when closed cell spray foam insulation is installed.

Also, LSU Ag Center published a study on closed cell spray foam and its effectiveness in combating moisture problems that case mold in Southern Louisiana.

Mold Remediation Steps

  • Remove all water damaged materials
  • Start drying process of wall studs, subfloor joists, and floors
  • Treat with mold and mildew resistant application
  • Install closed cell spray foam in walls and crawl space

Minimum Moisture Levels

Our New Orleans raised homes should be relatively dry underneath in our crawlspaces. The Department of Energy recommends crawl spaces have 17% or less moisture content. Any moisture levels above 17% can result in mold and mildew let alone wood damage.

  • High Moisture Levels – 35% Mold plus Wood Rot
  • Mid Moisture Levels – 20% Mold plus susceptibility of wood damage
  • Low Moisture Levels – 17% Low Mold susceptibility with not wood damage

Spray Foam insulation can act as a moisture barrier between your home and the moisture filled outside air. Sunlight Contractors of New Orleans services all of South Eastern Louisiana and is the highest rated mold remediators and spray foam insulation professionals in all of Louisiana.

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